Analysis: What happened in France

What happened in France, in the beautiful Nice of the tourists, it is a horrible thing that has marked forever the lives of many, too many, people. The children, relatives and friends of the murdered dead will forever remember the last time they saw their loved ones and their beloved ones now gone. They will remember the last words exchanged, the small gestures of affection and the innocent jokes that they had experienced a short time before, sure that they would meet again each other. They will live in the pain of not being able to live again those light-hearted times, and the bitterness of not being able to correct a small and insignificant snub, done carelessly, but that nevertheless will remain forever in the memory, magnified by that death which is no longer able to correct.

Using a truck to make a carnage is an obscene intellectual finesse. The message is clear: anything can be used as a weapon to strike you at home. With Nice you has gone to a higher level than in Paris: not an assault team armed with rifles and guns, not bullets, not explosives but a simple and banal trucks that got an equally devastating result. One of the many stupid trucks on our roads.

The French flag as an avatar

As happened for the massacre in Paris, many will wear in mourning a French flag and put it as avatar on Facebook. Many will invoke fire from heaven to strike / punish / destroy the evil Islamic terrorists, for them all the Muslims of the Earth, guilty of having orchestrated the attack, wherever they are. So, to the canonical cycle of our contemporary Western society (born, consume, work, consume, die) another one is added: daze yourself with what you want, outraged by an attack, change your miserable avatar, daze yourself until the next attack.

Then let me tell you something. Let me remind you of a simple truth.

What it happened in France, is going on for six years in Syria, every single day that God puts on Earth.

It is right to mourn the dead of Nice and it was right to mourn those of Paris but how many people have ever cried the Syrian dead?

How many of the Westerners that now are desperate for France have cried before, for example, the innocent killed by sarin that the terrorists released in the Goutha of Damascus, to trigger a foreign intervention against Syria, claiming they want to "free" her?

What about the victims of Salafi and Wahhabist hordes in Syria and Iraq?

How many of the Westerners, who now invoke an exemplary punishment for the killers of Nice, have never cried for the Iraqi and Syrian victims of the Salafi and Wahhabi hordes? Those same militants possessed and drugged with Captagon that before destroyed Libya, and then tried to put on fire Syria and Iraq under the pretext of religion (of their, cowards puppets with no brain and honor) but with the purpose even not so much occult (of others, their owners among the Saudi, the al-Tani, the Erdogans, the Americans of the disgusting neocon galaxy) to reshape the Middle East to come to Moscow and Beijing, and finally eat the whole world?

I am not so naive as to expect an answer, however, that I already know.

We shall see soon what will be the answer of France: if the French government will continue the rigmarole Assad must go!, or, worse, if it will invoke an armed intervention against Syria, the only Syria I recognize, then we will also have the true cui bono of this latest massacre. But to do otherwise, to get away from the criminal neocon scum based in Washington and breaking free from a hopeless situation that will only lead us to an open war with Russia, France should have a different president, instead of that opaque country accountant who deals now the Eliseo.

Hollande must go

Francois Hollande has neither the political nor the moral stature to handle such a transition. On the contrary: I doubt very much that he also has the only and simple physical courage to make decisions that De Gaulle would have instead taken firmly, as he showed he could do when he took France out of NATO, fed up with the ongoing American interferences.

I believe, but it is a mere personal opinion, that for now France will do little, paralyzed as she is in a wait and see policy of an event, solver yes, but outside.

For how many terrorists the Russians, Syrians, Iraqis can kill, many others take their place through the Turkish border, the Jordanian, the Saudi. The problem is therefore not only eliminate the enemy on the field but also who trained him, who armed him and helped him in many ways.

The West has made a pact with the devil, forgetting that if the devil lives up to its part of the agreement, he does so only to cheat better after.

Islamic terrorism is a cancer that has metastasized, as was natural and inevitable that happen. But also the idea of ​​being able to redesign the entire Middle East to defeat Russia and China using some kind of possessed people presented its bill to pay: it has generated in the West the traits of an Orwellian society. The war is called peace, the emergency normality, submission (to the power that created the state of things) is passed off as freedom.

Those fighting for the freedom of a people do not slaughters them as happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria. It is not the secular and progressive West of Bernard Henry Levy's "modern" Illuminism which defends here and now freedom and human dignity. In defense of these categories there are now the Lebanon of Hezbollah, the Syria of Assad and of the many religious denominations, the Russia of Putin, the Iran of the ayatollahs. Certainly not the "modern" West. Whether you like it or not, this is so.


Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda.Ru freelance


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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo