Kuweires, Freed by the Syrian Arab Army

To a foreign weed I prefer the nettles of my home. So says me Ouday, the old Syrian. He also said that it was a poet of Iraq that told him first and who am I to doubt the old Ouday? Before greeting cheerful the foreign who enters your home armed, telling you that he came to free you, better if you ask yourself what are his real reasons, you that you have not even called him.

A few days ago the Syrian army broke the siege around the airbase of Kuweires, near Aleppo. The loyalist forces were reunited with each other after a long time. The Syrian offensive would not have been possible without the considerable aerial help and the electronic warfare of the Russian army, but there would be nothing to liberate if the Syrian soldiers who guarded the besieged base had not resisted for so long.

They could surrender, but they did not. They could desert, but they have not gone to the enemy. They could sell themselves for vile money and for vile money even sell their home along with their dignity, but they preferred to resist. More than two years, a huge amount of time. They resisted when the rest of the world have them as defeated.

Moderate opposition?

Someone still speaks of "moderate opposition" when referring to the terrorists who attack Syria. There is no moderate Syrian opposition. It never existed. The moderate opposition in Syria has always been a front for the murderous gangs leading a proxy war on Syria for five years now.

In fact you cannot be liberator of a People if you torture the People that you want to free. If you cut the throats of his men and his women. If those who do not die, anyway lives in daily fear of dying in a thousand different horrible ways. Those who shed words about "Assad must go" forget, through stupidity or because they are paid to forget, who was the real culprit of the attack with Sarin in the suburbs of Damascus. Who arranged, for his filthy desires, a sex trade in the occupied city of Raqqa. They forget, or pretend to forget, those who have tried to planning the ancient city of Palmyra from the face of the Earth and killed the poor Khaled Assad, guilty of believing in his own country. Who threw and throws homosexuals down of palaces, terminating them stoned if they survive the fall. Where are the defenders of human rights for all these things? Where are the protests of the civil rights activists? They are all busy with other things and have nothing to say. If a kitten dies hit by a car, the pages in the social networks are filled instantly with lamentations but the dead Syrians  don't make a news. 

Syrian women drive the car, teach in schools and universities, serve in the police andthe army, they are cosmopolitan like Western women. In Saudi Arabia, women are beheaded on charges of witchcraft. And Assad should leave? It is certainly not on the conscience of the West that Syria can rely! Certainly not about who, in the West, fills his mouth with words like democracy and freedom. Syria can only rely on their own people and very few sincere allies. 

Russia does more in two months than USA in two years

Two months of Russian bombings against ISIS have gave more results than those made by the Americans in the past two years. It is not so strange if you think about it but who care to think about it really? The intervention of Russia is due to the awareness that she is the real ultimate target of the war wanted by Washington. Iran intervenes in gratitude and because she knows that she is the immediate target after Syria's fall. Both Countries have their own gain but it is certain that without their help Syria could not hold out much longer.

And yet ....

Some time ago, after the fall of the Mennagh airbase, I wrote that the Race of Men had proven there to be alive because the defenders of Mennagh had resisted to the last, fearless. I write it here, thinking about the Men of Kuweires. To them I extend my respectful greetings and my affection for having shown bravery and patriotism when everything was against them. I would like to hug them all but I can't, so I will just write: the Race of Men is still alive.

Costantino Ceoldo - PRAVDA


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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo