Inside Russian airbase in Syria. Pravda.Ru exclusive

Inside Russian airbase in Syria. Pravda.Ru exclusive

The aircraft of the Russian Air Force deployed at Hmeimim air base bomb the positions of the Islamic State almost 24 hours a day. Recently, the air strikes have become even more frequent as Islamic militants now have the support of their followers from Iraq. Photographer Vadim Savitsky prepared a report for Pravda.Ru about the life of the Russian troops in Syria.

The Russian aviation group in Syria has Su-24M bombers and multi-purpose fourth generation fighter-bombers Su-34, Su-25SM fighter jets and Su-30 fighters that protect attack aircraft from air. All the aircraft are properly maintained and serviced at Hmeimim airbase.

A US reporter who has recently visited the Russian base in Syria, saw nice rows of air conditioned houses, from two to eight people living in them. There are also many shower booths at the base.

The Associated Press reporter was amazed that the technical staff wear white sports sneakers and shorts that come into great contrast with dull gray military uniforms of Soviet times. The Russian army differs from the Soviet army not only outwardly, but also mentally, the American journalist noted.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov