Solar system's unusual structure suggests existence of extraterrestrial civilizations

The age of the universe makes up 15 billion years, and the solar system appeared just 4.5-5 billion years ago

The issue of existence of other civilizations has been mysterious for researchers for many years; within the several past decades, astronomers have been making attempts to establish contacts with extraterrestrial beings or at least intercept their signals. They use radio and optical telescopes, organize space missions and send messages to remote galaxies with this purpose. Unfortunately, there is still no reliable evidence proving that we are not the only creatures living in the Universe. Solar system

Experts say that all the searches are not yet a success because earth dwellers do not know for sure what they need to look for. An official from the Russian Academy of Sciences Special Astrophysical Observatory says radio-telescopes of the Observatory have intercepted lots of signals, the origin of which is not clear. “It is not ruled out that they are the result of activity of some other civilization,” he adds.

The age of the Universe makes up 15 billion years, and the solar system appeared just 4.5-5 billion years ago. Certain forms of intelligent civilizations older than ours might have formed somewhere in the Universe over this period. It means that they may have more advanced technologies which are not understandable for us today. 

It is not ruled out that aliens are related to some strange phenomena discovered in space, ROKOSes are among them. Scientists know 80 objects called ROKOS (radio-objects with the continuous light-spectrum): their sizes are comparable with the size of stars, but one peculiarity of the objects suggests that they are not natural. ROKOSes have no absorption lines, marks of atoms of chemical substances, typical of all other stars. This fact suggests a really fantastic idea to researchers that probably ROKOSes are beacons which ancient intelligent space explorers mounted for their own purposes or to attract creatures of other civilizations.

The solar system also provides several suggestions why extraterrestrial civilizations may actually exist. There are several hypotheses saying that the solar system underwent the impact of aliens. The abnormal structure of the system, which is not yet explained, makes researchers suppose it was made artificially. Sergey Yazev from the Special Astrophysical Observatory says that a couple of decades ago only a researcher absolutely neglecting his reputation could state that aliens transformed the solar system structure. But today we have some really substantial facts to suppose so, the expert adds.

Head of a laboratory of the planetary physics department at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Space Exploration, Leonid Ksanfomaliti, says that the basic principle of all known planetary systems is that the biggest planet is the closest to the sun. But as for our planetary system, small Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. This suggests that the solar system was probably transformed by aliens. Researchers also doubt that huge Jupiter could get formed in the remotest orbit without anyone's assistance.

There are more details in the solar system's structure that are not typical of the general structures of other planetary systems. For instance, the sizes of the Sun and the Moon are so amazing that during total eclipses the Moon absolutely covers the Sun and leaves only its corona visible. The form of the orbits of the solar system planets also differs from the orbits of planets in other planetary systems. All planets found in space revolve around their luminaries following elliptical orbits, while in the solar system planets have orbits in the form of an approximately ideal circle.

For the present moment, these and even more complicated phenomena are still unexplainable. Mankind will be able to understand them as soon as more high-end telescopes and space vehicles appear to go outside the solar system. Today, all the phenomena can be explained with the interference of aliens only. At that, nobody would state that aliens purposefully built the Sun, the Earth and other planets. Probably, the phenomena are the by-product of activity of our neighbors in the Universe.

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Author`s name Olga Savka