The Sun does not behave while the Earth is threatened by dust cloud

Even scientists are surprised at large solar outbursts

“According to the forecasts everything must be peaceful and quiet on the Sun now”, senior researcher at the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Russian Academy of Science, Sergey Yazev says. “The maximum of the solar activity in this cycle came in 2000. The minimum was will be in 2006. We've just observed abnormal burst of activity on the Sun. The reasons are unknown yet”.
Looks like something unusual is going on. Yazev adds, “Scientists on Earth started watching the Sun from satellites and orbital telescopes only in the beginning of the 1970s. Since then there were no such anomalies. But that does not necessarily mean that this never happened at all. Maybe such outbursts happen once in fifty or hundred years. There are no reasons for panic. I think that earth dwellers will keep warm under the sun for the next couple of years.

Solar outburst is a surge of energy that can be compared with the explosion of several thousands of hydrogen bombs. Violent outbursts lead to the fact that strong E-field radiation reaching the Earth changes magnetic field of the planet as if shaking it. In its turn this affects health of meteosensitive people. Such people comprise 15 percent of the planet's population according to World Health Organization. By the way, during the solar activity micro flora multiplies more intensively and a person becomes more vulnerable to many infections. In fact, flu epidemics start 2,3 years before or after the maximum of solar activity.

Russian scientists Vladimir Bashkirtsev and Galina Mashnich, senior researchers at the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the RAS laid a $10 thousand bet with British government climate expert James Annan. They claim that in the next ten years the Earth will face global cooling. The Englishman says that the climate will become warmer and warmer. 

Russian scientists think that the present warming on the planet is connected with Earth's reaction to the outbursts and spots that have been lately appearing on the Sun more frequently than before. At the moment the Sun is entering a less active phase. That is why there will be a reverse temperature rise: it will become colder.

It is hard to predict who will win. It would be great if the both sides lost. And the Earth stayed the same. However, at the moment scientists cannot understand what is happening with the Sun.

The Sun, on which we depend so much, is a plasma sphere 107 larger than the Earth. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is 150 million kilometers. The Sun's surface temperature is 5000-6000 C; in the centre it reaches 15 million degrees. The cycle of solar activity lasts 11,3 years. During this period magnetic poles of the Sun interchange. Meantime, the number of explosions sometimes increases, sometimes decreases. However, scientists think that longer cycles exist. It is not known yet, what they are connected with. People have been watching the Sun for not for a long period of time.

Meantime, terrible news has been reported. A killer cloud is approaching the Earth. Cambridge astrophysicist Albert Shervinsky said that a dust cloud absorbing everything on its way is approaching Solar System. It is thought to reach the Earth by 2014. According to Shervinsky NASA keeping back this information fearing disorders.

The cloud of 17 million kilometers in diameter consists of particles that flew out of some black hole close to the Galaxy center. It was thought earlier that black holes only absorb thу substance. But now scientists assume that the holes can also splash out some substance that devours normal matter.

“If the cloud reaches the Earth”, the astrophysicist says, “its effect on our planet will be equaled to that of a water spilled on a text written in ink, that eats away the words and turns them into jumble”

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Author`s name Olga Savka