Mikhail Gorbachev certain Lenin's burial will end dramatic Soviet history

The former Soviet president is certain, though, that the time has not come for this action yet

Pravda.Ru has already reported about the discussion regarding the future of Vladimir Lenin's body. Mikhail Gorbachev, the first and the last president of the Soviet Union, has joined the vivid discussion and set out his opinion on the matter. Mr. Gorbachev supported the suggestion to commit the embalmed body of the world-known revolutionary to earth. However, the ex-president urged Russian politicians not to take hasty decisions at this point. Mikhail Gorbachev

”Taking into consideration Lenin's will and wishes of his family, we must bury his body according to all principles of human morality, although we should find an appropriate time for it,” Mikhail Gorbachev said. The former Soviet president is certain, though, that the time has not come for this action yet, BBCRussian said.

According to Gorbachev, the problem is to be solved on the base of the general agreement. “This condition is vital to end the drama of Soviet history,” said he.

The governor of the Ulyanovsk region (the home region of Vladimir Lenin, the region was named after his last name, Ulyanov), Sergei Morozov, suggested earlier Lenin's body should be buried in the native land of the leader of the Great October Revolution, Regions.ru wrote. The governor specified that the body could be committed to earth at the cemetery where Lenin's father, Ilya Ulyanov, rests in peace. Morozov added that the majority of the local population supported the idea of the regional government.

Russian public and political figures have paid too much attention to the subject of Lenin's body recently. The issue became so actual in the Russian society after a remark from the film director, the President of the Russian Cultural Fund, Nikita Mikhalkov. Mr. Mikhalkov said that Russians probably hate Lenin to the utmost if they do not let him find eternal peace six feet under.

The notorious Russian politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia, shares the opinion too. “The matter is absolutely clear: the dead must be committed to earth,” Interfax quoted Zhirinovsky as saying. In addition, Zhirinovsky believes that the question of the burial should be solved this year, without any further delays, Echo of Moscow radio station said.

The leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, stated that members of his party would organize massive actions of protest in the event the government eventually decides to bury Lenin. “We will arrange actions of protest in Russia nationwide and will not let this sacrilege happen. We will have enough brains and force of will to defend our history and our sanctuary,” the communist leader said at a press conference in Moscow.

Russia's Minister for Culture, Alexander Sokolov, also expressed his opinion against the burial of the world-known proletarian, who has been resting in the Mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square for decades. “I do not think that it is a good time to commit such an action. One should continue talking about the subject for the time being, give everyone an opportunity to say what they think about the problem and then make an adequate decision. However, it is too early for us to do it,” Mr. Sokolov told Interfax.

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Author`s name Olga Savka