New Russia’s weapons leave US behind

Political barometer is falling down. That is why more and more attention is paid to weapons. The military journalist Jacques Borde told Pravda.Ru about the newest weapons of Russia - from laser to electromagnetic ones, which outdo the American counterparts. Borde believes that Russia has firmly topped the list of world weapons.

The weapons issue is utterly important taking into account what is going on in Syria, in the Middle East, Ukraine... You are interested in weapons from a professional point of view. What do you think about recent declaration of Vladimir Putin that Russian army should be equipped with laser weapons?

Weapons with directed energy have passed their evolution. The US used to leave Russia behind because of perestroika and technology's falling down. But as Putin came, Russia made significant efforts in development of new weapons and managed to reach the US and even surpass it, if speaking about fundamental researches.

President Putin doesn't resemble Obama: when he says 'I do', he will do it. And in case the Russians promise something, it means they are really going to deploy lasers. Regarding technical capabilities of Russia, it's possible and it can defend the borders.

The same can be said about thermobaric weapon - a directed emission of microwaves, a system which creates impenetrable zone for outer aggression. It's defencive as well as the laser one. Russia has very strongly advanced in its development. Now it seems that a total system to defend Russian tanks may be used. An impenetrable zone is being created around them, a defencive cocoon of emission which allows to shoot far and accurately, the Russian though are excellent artillerymen.

20 years ago one polar city of Russia was enlightened with a gigantic mirror and it became clear as if during a day during the polar night. The technology is very close to laser. And what do you think about possible US response? The US though is a powerful state, it has technologies and funds.

New technologies are being developed very quickly in the world. It was believed that it's quite difficult for the laser to manage with mist or rain. Now the Russians have learnt how to surmount water hurdle.

There also exist electronic weapons, which allow to disperse big crowds not killing people due to directed beaming.

War may be carried out in the cyber space as well. And it's utterly important to promptly respond to an attack and come to counter acts. The Iranians have smartly advanced in this field. Wins one who is quicker. It means that it's necessary to possess data, know how to quickly share it. And one cannot manage here without airplanes of radio electronic reconnaissance, interconnection of various types of troops.

Beside that, threat of damage is utterly relevant, and seizure of communications by cyber bandits, the ISIS fighters for example. To cut the long story short, specialists which can think in a non-standard manner are needed in modern methods of war conduct.

Russia also suffered during perestroika in brain drain, as the US grabbed all the best experts at the time. The Americans aimed to extend their own abilities, to increase their potential and to bleed Russia so that it wouldn't be able to rise. It didn't happen, as we can see.

Modern war is a war of technologies first of all, war of communications, intelligence, information and a cyber war, isn't it?

Electronic war leaves no traces, it's hard to catch an enemy red-handed. The Russian Su-24 was downed but it is not known by whom. No planes were registered in the sky apart from it. The Russian military use system of complete defence of its aircraft in Syria but the Americans seem to have figured it out.

The Israeli aviation continues its observance mission in Syria, although they do not flight around the territory, they based by the battle area under support of the anti-aircraft warfare. Having powerful anti-aircraft warfare, you may not be afraid of the sky, which was proved by the Russians as well.

Biden claimed that they would down Russian aircraft, which occur not far from the US bases. What do you think about it?

A military intervention will take place in this case, a conflict between Russia and the US over the territory of the third country. And here's a question: Why on earth do the Americans need to down Russian aircraft? The protocols have been developed, the US military realize that they are not at home there. There's a big difference between them and the Russians, because Russians are on their continent in Syria, near their own borders.

Interview conducted by Alexandre Artamonov


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