Putin names main value of Russia

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called on participants of the United Russia summit to maintain and enrich diversity of the Russian civilization.

"We know that many (citizens of the country) live hard. But they still rely on you and believe that you will not only maintain but also enrich this unique diversity, this unique and cherished by each of us civilization, the name of which is Russia. Don't disappoint their expectations. Don't let them down,' Head of the state addressed members of the party.

'Everyone needs strong and self-sustained, open and successful Russia, where everyone can fulfill one's talent and opportunities, where state and citizens hear, support, and respect each other, while public consent, solidarity and country's interests are above any disagreements," the President pointed out.

The Russians are still the main value for authorities, "the most common citizens, who live in cities and villages, who maintain the language, traditions and culture," Vladimir Putin claimed.

Head of the state has taken part in the United Russia summit first time for the latest four years. Before that, Putin participated in the summit in 2012, as he was leaving his post of the party's chairman to become a president.

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