Russia's swift actions in Syria put the West into a stupor

Western countries still can not come to their senses because of Russia's military operation in Syria. "This is a new quality of Russia as a state. This is a sudden emergence of a great power that not very long ago was referred to as a "gas station," a country, the economy of which was in tatters," military expert Igor Korotchenko said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. 

"In the war-torn Afghanistan, the Americans can bomb a hospital and then simply apologize for the "mistake," as they say."  

"The Americans have attacked a variety of civil objects before. They have bombed weddings, funerals and just congregations of people, whom American pilots took for terrorists. The reason for such criminal actions lies in the fact that the Americans do not have enough intelligence information. They also have strong beliefs in their own high-precision weapons. However, as it turns out, they can not use them properly. Finally, US senior officers are low-skilled. The Americans have created the coalition of more than 60 countries that have been fighting for a year, but the result of their action is zero.

"The recent tragic incident with the bombing of the hospital in Afghanistan was another confirmation of the lack of professionalism of American military officials. They just grab a sledgehammer and kill, they do not double-check their information."

"But they stated that they believed there were militants in that hospital." 

"They may say that there are militants in mosques and elsewhere. Any information must be double-checked before every attack. The Americans fly, drop bombs, and they do not even realize where those bombs fall. Such stories have a traditional ending: civilians die, and US President apologizes."

"As for Syria, the world was shocked when Russia launched its cruise missiles on militant targets." 

"Indeed, no one was expecting this, not even Western intelligence services. Everything that Russia has now in Syria had been prepared meticulously. It did not come out of nothing. An air corridor was established as a result of the talks with Iran and Iraq. Transport aircraft delivered all the necessary cargo to Syria. The air base in Latakia had to be reconstructed. It was necessary to carry out a technical examination of the runway, taxiways, parking areas, to find out whether the airport could handle heavy aircraft, such as AN-124 and IL-76. In the end, it was necessary to take the air base under heavy guard to prevent any incidents. One had to bring all the ammo - bombs, guided missiles, and so on and so forth, not to mention fighter jets and helicopters. 

"If you remember, Western media were reporting about some activity of Russian troops at the air base near Latakia. All of a sudden, it was reported that there were 28 Russian warplanes there. For the Americans, the news came as a cold shower: the Russian aircraft appeared from nowhere. To crown it all, all of that was synchronized with Putin's upcoming speech at the UN General Assembly.

"Putin reformatted the international agenda. He paid first priority to the need to support the legitimate leader of Syria. Secondly, he urged everyone to strictly comply with the UN Charter and international law.

"Russia was invited to Syria legally. Russia's first strikes demonstrated the efficient coordination of our actions. Russia's Defense Ministry was demonstrating everything transparently. For the first time in many years, it was Russia to show a wonderful example of how to cover a modern war.

"The West realized that Russia would not leave Syria alone. The Prime Minister of Israel arrived in Moscow immediately to approve of the Russian military presence in Syria. Russia and Israel signed a document to exclude incidents in airspace of the Middle East between Russian and Israeli aircraft.

"Russia's swift actions put the West into a stupor. The Americans did not want to discuss anything with Russia at first. Russia has created its own coalition to struggle against the Islamic State in the Middle East. After the phenomenal missile attack conducted by the Caspian Flotilla, our Western partners were shocked.  With one missile strike that was absolutely successful and surgically precise, Russia automatically stood up next to the United States in its capabilities to conduct modern warfare with the use of non-nuclear precision weapons.

"We are witnessing a very interesting effect is the realization of a new global phenomenon that marked the end of the unipolar world. The world's sole policeman in the face of the United States has been toppled. 

"What was the mistake that the Americans made in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya? From a military point of view, they solved the problem: they toppled existing regimes. Yet, no one thought how to build peaceful life afterwards, no one thought how to address issues of political settlement. In this regard, Russia understands possible risks and, apparently, is actively cooperating with Bashar  Assad. He has recently stated that he was ready for broad national dialogue with the opposition. He is even ready to resign as president, if the Syrian people ask him to. I think that this is a matter of distant future. Syria as a state must be preserved, but the current regime will inevitably change."

"Why is Turkey being so nervous?" 

"Turkey is being nervous because Russia has messed up all their plans. Turkey, albeit unwillingly, has also realized that it now has to take Russia's interests into account as well. Diplomatic success directly depends on military potential."

"It is said that there are militant camps in Turkey. Allegedly, Turkey also buys oil from the Islamic State. Is it a matter of self-exposure of Turkish President Erdogan?" 

"Of course. One of the most important tasks of the Syrian troops is to close the northern border of Syria with Turkey. This will end illegal oil trade, arms trade, financial flows and the migration of militants from Syria to Turkey and back."  


Interview conducted by Inna Novikova 

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov