If ISIS attacked Putin's Russia, Islamic militants would become 'good guys' for the West

A sarcastic analysis has recently been published in the European publication Contra Magazin. In Western geopolitics, the United States is presented as a "110% good state". At the same time, Russian President Putin, who dared to stand up against the will of the Anglo-Saxon world, is pure evil. Yet, if ISIS terrorists attacked Russia to fight against Putin's regime, the West would immediately proclaim Islamic militants "freedom fighters."

The political games are full of all sorts of tricks: a friend today can become an enemy tomorrow, the publication wrote. It is the political elite who hangs the labels of 'good' and 'bad', and it is common people who suffer.

The rules are simple. The "bad guys" have the oil that the "good guys" need to live the way they live now to roll in clover, European journalists wrote making references to Syrian President Bashar Assad. Assad is considered a "bad guy" - he is 90% evil, because he does not let the Americans use his oil pipe. In addition, Assad is on friendly terms with Putin.

The situation in Serbia was the same. During the Balkan conflict, Western media would be duplicating stories about the "bad" Serbs, who were killing the "good" Albanians. They were not say anything about the "good" Albanians selling human organs of the Serbs.

In this system of values, the West is 100% good and Russia is 100% bad. The West may cooperate with 60% bad Islamists to struggle against the 90% bad guys, such as Assad. Saddam Hussein used to be a 70% "good guy" for a long time, but then he became a 90% "bad guy," because he stopped doing the things that the "good guys" - the 110% USA - wanted him to do, the publication ironically wrote.

Now all the "bad guys" are dead, and Assad must join them because he is "bad" too, says the author. This is the reason why the "fighters for freedom in Syria had been receiving financial assistance from the CIA until they founded the "Islamic State." The "good guys" became the "bad guys" in an instant, the author of the article concluded.

If ISIS terrorists were targeting Putin's Russia, the West would be referring to them as "freedom fighters" rather than terrorists. In this case, the fighters of the Islamic State would become "good" again.

"We are doing only good things, because we are good by definition. If people die, it  does not have anything to do with us," this is the logic that the United States follows.

Noteworthy, US President Barack Obama said in 2012 at a meeting with his aides, while discussing drone attacks, that he was "really good at killing people."

During his presidency, Obama has authorized 326 drone strikes. Since 2004, US drones have killed 2,500 to 3,600 people - including up to 950 civilians.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov