How an American spring can save the world in 2016

By Nicolas Bonnal 

Americans disapprove of the president and have little confidence in either party or in Congress.

Pat Buchanan

What a marvellous surprise! So the legendary dumb American elector has finally rebelled against his elite and he has chosen Brat against Cantor, a populist against a brutal and ruthless butler of Wall Street and the New World Order - who spent five millions bucks to lose his election. One may dream finally: and if a rebellion had started in America, and if we were back to a new Boston Tea party? And if 2016 we could assist a real American earthquake? Height years after the big Obama hoax, could we assist a true American renaissance?

Given the gloomy agenda of the Bush brothers, Clinton family and so on, it is better to rely on populist hope. The madness of American elites, their aggressiveness or their cowardice, or their now legendary greed, is obvious to anyone anywhere, except in Brussels where the commissars coldly do their job: building a better world for the American elite. On the other side the average American citizen has no will or vision to impose. Of course, like in the time of Demosthenes, the citizen has abandoned his freedom to his rulers, to his elite, and of course like in the time of Demosthenes, bread, games, plays and laziness lead a city or a country to its defeat and its end. It is obvious too that there is a mere reaction in Europe, in France, in England and elsewhere: the elector may be shy and blinded by the media, he cannot be completely stupid. Soon too he will have nothing to lose: eight out of ten Frenchmen endure difficult endings of the month... The legendary country is now overwhelmed by gangs of all origins: Burgundy for example is now a waste land. This is why the local elector voted for an almost prohibited party recently. Not because he watched on TV a cynical promoter of the clashes of civilizations!

And he reacts. Even if the global "presstitute media" label him racist, a jingoist, a Christian fool, he reacts for he knows his civilisation is sentenced to death by his own elites, who have too declared a war against Russia and her president - the last defenders of diplomatic rules, nations and even Christianity (De Gaulle once stated that Russia would drink communism like blot drinks ink). One may be amazed by the number of those who in France or in England admire or approve Vladimir Putin. If Putin is so popular at home, if Obama or Hollande are so despised at home, there may be a reason... he is the last pragmatic and national leader among a group of global Gnostics. He believes in God and in boundaries.

But of course we cannot fight for the American elector. He has to fight his own fight like in France or in England. And he certainly understands now (especially if his father or his father was an American) that the hostile elite who has taken the control here wants the disappearing of his country: no more Uncle Tom, no more Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer.: just a flock of indebted consumers waiting for the next opening mall, the next gunshot or the next pornographic program. The American wants fewer wars and fewer immigrants. In Europe we don't want a war against Russia and we want more control of our southern frontiers too. We are denied both by Barroso, an ex-Maoist agitator promoted the friend of the richest men in Europe. An Ex-European commissar and Goldman Sachs tycoon Peter Sutherland recommends at his turn and without kidding more immigration in Europe. These guys watch the world from their skyscraper or their private jet. They don't see humans, they just see ciphers.

One can check that most of Americans do not profit from the power of their country and the greatness of their matrix. Only a minority does, like in Europe. The rest still has a right to vote but as we know there are only a few Putin in the World and there are many cowards and bought politicians (brainwashed or prepared in American "universities"). Viggo Mortensen told once (but in Spanish!) that the Americans were not that dumb; if they do not vote, it is because they know it is useless, he added; and if it wasn't?

As recently wrote Pat Buchanan:

In the endless struggle between populism and the establishment and between nationalists and internationalists, populists and nationalists appear, at least temporarily, to be in the ascendancy worldwide.

The next American election will be fundamental: whether a free candidate gets "out of the slimy mud of words", to put it like TS Eliot, whether we will have a new mask (Obama was not even a puppet) driven by the pentagon and Wall Street to prepare more wars, bubbles and misery. We will have a new wall in Eastern Europe and an atomic show in Middle East - lately the obscenity of the Sheldon Adelson show was sickening. We may hope that the American elector will vote this time for his interest for once and not for the interest of the string pullers and Bilderbergs 'demolition builders' who control banks, media and Arabian springs. Of course he needs an authentic candidate. Shall we have one?

Let us hope of an American spring.

Nicolas Bonnal 

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Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal