Condoleezza Rice: Mind your own business

Insolence from US Secretary of State

Sitting comfortably in the Ukraine with her new friend Viktor Yushchenko, making ominous references to this country “ultimately” belonging to “Euro-Atlantic structures” (NATO?) Condoleezza Rice today gave yet another demonstration of her arrogance, insolence and interfering in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, expressing her “concern” at the first reading of a law controlling NGOs operating in Russia more closely.Condoleezza Rice

Let us suggest to Ms. Rice that she express her “concern” at the activities of these NGOs, some of them subversive, aiding and abetting terrorist and divisive elements whose only purpose is to destabilise and destroy the State. Let us suggest that Ms. Rice express her “concern” at the criminal and murderous policies of Islamist extremists who work against the interests of her country and against those of Moscow.

And while we are on the subject of “concern”, how “concerned” is Ms. Rice at the many cases of torture by US forces around the world? How “concerned” is she at the illegal detaining of prisoners? How “concerned” is she at the deplorable human rights record of the Bush regime at Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp, where prisoners have been tortured, at Abu Ghraib Concentration Camp, where prisoners have been tortured, at Baghram Concentration Camp in Afghanistan, where prisoners have been tortured?

How “concerned” is Ms. Rice at the fact that Vladimir Putin's Russia insisted on managing the Iraqi crisis through the proper forum for debate, the UNSC, and how “concerned” is she at the barefaced lies told by her predecessor, Colin Powell, at precisely this organism, regarding Iraq's WMD?

Is Condoleezza Rice “concerned” about the fact that 26.000 Iraqi civilians were murdered by US Armed Forces in an illegal war? Is Condoleezza Rice “concerned” about the deployment of depleted uranium and cluster bombs in civilian areas? Is Condoleezza Rice “concerned” at the 100.000 or so deaths caused indirectly by this war which never had a valid casus belli?

Is Condoleezza Rice “concerned” that her country has broken the Geneva Conventions of humane treatment of detainees? Is Condoleezza Rice “concerned” at the fact that her country broke the UN Charter which binds it to all UN laws and practices, including the necessary separate resolution for any eventual use of force?

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Author`s name Olga Savka