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To call Janusz Korwin-Mikke a typical Pole is, no doubt about it, a deep insult to the Polish people and nation. To call this Member of the European Parliament a typical and shining example of male bigotry and chauvinism, certainly and finally, who takes the decisions in the European Union? People like this?

The Polish Member of the European Parliament, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, gave a shining display of bigotry, sexism and chauvinism yesterday when he defended that women should receive less pay than men because "they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent". And so they must earn less than men.

What springs to mind immediately is an image of a huge female athlete - a javelin thrower maybe, or a shot-putter - standing over Korwin-Mikke's bed early in the morning, pounding her fist in her hand, who awakens a frightened-looking apology for a male, curled up in the foetal position for his own protection, or a female chess champion thrashing him with a fool's mate within five seconds, answered with a humiliated look of sullen and abject defeat.

Ah yes, he also stated that there were no women in the first hundred chess players.

How does he get into the European Parliament?

What is extraordinary is not the stupidity of the position defended by this Polish bigot, it is the fact that someone expounding the same nonsense which denied women the vote one hundred years ago - that they were too hysterical to form a balanced opinion - can stand up as a Member of the European Parliament and receive a salary of eight thousand Euro a month, plus expenses.

Let us compare the words of the Polish bigot with Representative Stanley Bowdle (Democrat, Ohio) in January 2015:

"Women; have they a mission? Yes; it is to rule in the world of love and affection-in the home. It is not to rule in the State. They have a function to perform which precludes the latter sort of rule. Man is king of this universe; woman is queen. The queen rules when the king is dead, or becomes a mollycoddle, and the American man is not that yet." [Applause]

The difference is zero.

Men in charge: Chaos and disaster

The history book may pardon Stanley Bowdle because his words came in a context which placed the woman firmly in charge of the running of the house, while the man provided the income and ran worldly affairs. This might explain why the world had been until then, and even afterwards, in a state of constant turmoil, wars, assassinations, hatred, envy, greed, all shining male attributes. If a man throws a hissy fit because his underpants are not exactly where he expects to find them but one centimeter away, how could be he expected to run a kitchen cooking a four-course meal? Take a look at the world around us and we get the answer.

And the answer is that people like Janusz Korwin-Mikke have been running the world and ruling the roost for too long. It is precisely people like him who are the cause of all our problems today in the international community because all our problems stem from the innate gut-reaction, knee-jerk, unthought and senseless actions of the testosterone-charged male. I would wager that if women were in charge of world affairs, we would not have one single war, we would have no terrorist attacks, children would be properly looked after and not trafficked and raped - by men - the Internet would not be full of porn sites which children as young as five are already addicted to, without understanding what they are seeing. Our streets would not be full of violent minors, drug peddlers and addicts. Education would not be a business but a right and healthcare would be guaranteed and not an exercise in negotiation with an insurance company.

To finish, and to prove the stupidity of this Polish bigot, this shining example of male chauvinism: there are no women in the list of the top 100 chess players he googled up because the lists are separated into male and female. If they were together, probably the inverse would be the case.

To allow the words of Korwin-Mikke to go unpunished is an insult to Humankind in general and to women in particular, the thousands of women who throughout history fought for their rights today, who gave their own lives for the suffragette cause, who endured suffering, humiliation, physical punushment, mental and physical torture at the hands of their fathers and brothers and boyfriends and spouses, just because they were women.

He should be removed from public office, or apologize like a man. My prediction is that he won't because he can't because he isn't.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Twitter: @TimothyBHinchey

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