Trump's Secret War against those who really govern America

It is always more interesting this political moment in the United States. Not only for the political controversy as, above all, for the Trump ability to displace the establishment, to break the unwritten rules that have joined since the '80s to the present day both the Democratic and the Republican Party. I have explained on other occasions how the American democracy works: the rivalry between the two parties on the issues that matter - defense, foreign affairs, finance, globalization - is more apparent than real. The presidential system has worked in such a way as to ensure that at the end you would face two candidates - one on the Right and one on the Left - that, despite the apparent strong rivalry, actually shared the basic choices and membership in the small establishment who really governs America and that works as a sort of "Rotary": little matter is won the progressive candidate or that conservative, both were members of the same club.

by Marcello Foa

The 2016 elections, however, marked a break with this pattern because during the primaries emerged two candidates able to snatch the nomination: Sanders among Democrats and Trump among Republicans. They [the Democrats] managed to stop Sanders with fraud, which forced the resignation of the president of the Party Debbie Wasserman Schultz; they have failed with Trump, although they have tried in every way to derail him. And it is significant that many leading Republicans had sided with Hillary Clinton during the last phase of the campaign, starting with the Bush family. Faced with the risk of losing the White House, the establishment has blasted appearances: the "mainstream" Right was for Hillary. Like all celebrities in Hollywood. As all the press.

Demonizing Trump

Demonizing Trump, destroying his image, attack the person even before the ideas, discredit him in every way. This was the pattern, which is already used in the past and not only in the United States. But it was not enough.

Trump won. And he does not seem willing to stand down. He's a man who struck it forever. He did it externalizing his admiration for Putin for not responding to the expulsion of 35 diplomats; he continued to believe no credible any accusations against Russia of interference in the election campaign, disassembling and relativizing the insinuations from the Obama administration and the CIA.

As part of this debate he has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the techniques of spin within the institutions, which is the most insidious form of manipulation of the news; because it violates a fundamental concept in democracy: the authoritativeness and reliability of the sources that come by the authority itself. Or rather, the abuse of this authority to disseminate information that have the aura of veracity, appearing proven, but which are instrumental, partial and sometimes totally invented.

When he writes in a tweet

"I am asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it."

referring to the intelligence report to President Barack Obama on Russian hacker attacks, to which NBC News has had access in advance, in blatant violation of state secret, he lit a beacon on a spin doctoring technique widespread and very insidious. Who knows how the communication in the White House is managed, knows that these are not journalistic scoops but escapes driven and agreed at the highest level. To which Trump says stop, breaking again the tacit bipartisan tradition that induced the two parties to never investigate over those who sometimes were outright fraud, such as the reasons for the war in Iraq.

Intelligence report does not convince

Intelligence report, however, that does not convince him as stated publicly, speaking of "witch hunt" and breaking another taboo: never in recent American history a president was allowed to question the work of the secret services leaders, which does not trust and who want to resize in the first few months of his presidency. A lot of heads will roll and the intelligence structure will be completely revised.

It's an operation of unprecedented audacity and explaining the great nervousness of Obama and the small elite that has ruled America and the world until now. It is no a coincidence that that establishment has tried in recent weeks to impose censorship on the internet and social media, launching a coordinated campaign in several states, including the European Union and Italy, more than ready in accepting the Washington wishes or, best, those of the Washington that is coming out of the scene.

The web has allowed Trump (and before him the British Nigel Farage) to undermine a system that seemed perfect and timeless. For this reason the globalist establishment tries, with a flick of the tail, to silence the alternative information online, using any pretext: Russian hackers, the Isis, the fake news.

It can not do it, it should not succeed.

Original article by Marcello Foa:

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Translation by: Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda freelance


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