Clinton, FBIGate and the true depth of the ObamaGeddon

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a problem. Just over one week before the Mother of All Elections, we have information which shocks us to the core, freezes our hearts and sends chills shuddering through our spines. Ladies and Gentlemen, the problem is not FBIGate, it is the mechanisms behind the scenes which have not been reported. Read on.

 First off, how many times has President Obama blocked investigation into Hillary Clinton's affairs? You will never know. You will never, ever know because the system is rigged, there is no paper trail. There are telephone calls, there are meetings behind closed doors, there are threats. This time however, Obama was caught by surprise. The Nobel Peace Prizewinner, the one who insulted the Nobel Institution, the international community and all those who believed in his shitfaced lie "Change", the one who blasted Libya from the African country with the highest human development index back to the stone age, riddled with terrorists, including Islamic State, the one who stood back as Islamic State appeared under his nose... this one this time was unable to stop an FBI investigation because it happened behind his back.

Trying to get at the truth

Ladies and Gentlemen, this truth will not come out in the next few days. For those with their political knives a-glistening and a-gleaming behind Hillary's back, waiting for some knock-out soundbites from those documents, it is not going to happen. Not because the FBI investigation failed to unveil juicy stuff, but because that juicy stuff will never reach the public domain. ObamaGeddon to the rescue, FBIGate quashed.

And while FBIGate is quashed, watch what happens behind the scenes with the electoral system. George Soros is firmly in the Clinton camp, so they say. Does anyone know how many States use electronic voting systems run by George Soros? Does anyone know how easy it is to hack or rig these voting machines? These machines churn out votes. There is no accountability, there is no paper trail, the vote will not be verified. There will be numbers, statistics the day after, rigged. This is American democracy? The collective answer is no, the collective response is we all know this is true, we all know this is happening. Nobody likes Hillary, nobody trusts Hillary. So why vote for her?

Investigating FBIGate

Now let's see what my friend Nancy O'Brien Simpson turned up. She lives in the United States of America, she is a political commentator and she is a political activist:

 Secretary Clinton fell for the oldest hack in the book. This hack entails something called the "Buffer Overflow Exploit" that involves "stacking" a malicious computer virus in an area on your hard drive where virus protection software can't find them. Then it steals the files from the hard drive. 

A friend of mine who has been on the wrong side of these kinds of situations explained what he has read about how it all went down- Huma and Anthony are sharing a laptop at their home. Huma receives classified information from her boss, Hillary Clinton, in various e-mails and texts. She testified to the F.B.I. that she often emailed classified files over her unsecured Yahoo account in order to print them out at home on the laptop she shared with her husband Antony. 

When Huma goes to bed, Carlos Danger sneaks out in his pajammies and prowls 4chan all night looking for young teen girls to send them naked photos. One of these photos contains a computer virus that infects the laptop. This virus hides in photographs stored on a computer's hard drive by exploiting a photo's bandwidth. When the recipient receives photos in return, the photos contain information from the computer it has infested. 

The ironic part is every time Carlos Danger send photos of his "wiener" his nasty photos contained ALL the emails his wife received from Hillary as well as the classified documents she printed out.. This means some hackers out there on the net has EVERYTHING Huma brought home.. If the hackers are "White Hat" they probably told the F.B.I. to examine every one of Carlos Danger's nasty photos he sent over that laptop. If the hackers are "Black Hats" you can bet some foreign government has a lot of classified documents. The Clinton Crime Family will blame the Russians, which is laughable and serious at the same time..

 You know they reopened the investigation BEHIND Obama's back because he has blocked the investigation of her at every turn. I heard the rank and file FBI were about to mutiny because they know she is guilty as sin and Comey would not prosecute because she is protected by Obama AND Clinton gave his wife half a million for her political campaign. This might be big, but Obama will stop it to protect her and his globalist masters.

I rest my case.

Clinton, FBIGate and the true depth of the ObamaGeddon. 59151.jpeg

Nancy O'Brien Simpson
Ms. Simpson was a radio personality in New York.  She was a staff writer for The Liberty Report.  A PBS documentary was done on her activism for human rights.  She is a psychotherapist and political commentator.  





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Clinton, FBIGate and the true depth of the ObamaGeddon. 59152.jpeg

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