Obama's tantrum: Puerile, infantile and silly, his political epitaph

True to form, President Barack Hussein Obama II has just thrown a monumental tantrum in public, stomping his feet and screaming because his party lost the election and Washington's war lobby has been trashcanned. Now in a last-ditch hissy fit, Obama throws all his toys out the pram. How puerile, infantile and silly.

President Obama came to power, elected by the people of the United States of America twice - once because he promised "Change", remember? ten thousand bombs and hundreds of thousands of lives ago? - and once because his opponent was less charismatic and had less "umph" than a squashed slug lying under a ton of sea salt. By then Obama has convinced nobody except for the fact that he wasn't going to deliver. And he didn't.

What did Obama change?

Did Barack Obama change anything? He was awarded an anticipated Nobel Peace Prize, thanking him for what he was about to do. Fom then on we saw NATO continue its policy of siding with terrorists, aiding and abetting demonic forces which perpetrated the most horrific and shocking crimes in Libya and Syria. He promised to close the Guantanamo Bay concentration and torture camp within his first term (2008-2012) but in 2016 it remains open where inmates are held indefinitely without any due legal process. American values.

Now let us take Obama to Syria, let us take him by the hand and lead him to areas where western-backed terrorists carried out demonic and subhuman atrocities. It's OK; if you are accompanied by a Russian you will not get your face smashed in to the other side of your neck. Now look as we show you what your terrorists have done.

You train a terrorist, you are directly responsible for what he does

They have sliced the breasts off women in the streets. They shot an old lady because she was wearing a red jacket. They murdered Syrian policemen. Is that how you treat your emergency services in the Unites States? Is that the respect you show for them? Then why do you do it overseas? No, no, don't try to wriggle out of it. You arm, finance and train a terrorist either directly or indirectly, you are directly responsible for the crimes he commits.

They impaled a little boy with an iron stake because he was the wrong religion. They raped little girls before and after they were forced to watch their parents being raped and murdered and having their throats slit then they raped the same little girls before and after they were themselves beheaded. Then they went outside and shrieked in delight as they played soccer with the heads, while others stayed inside and raped the bodies again.

The Democrats lost because of Obama's ineptitude

And now, to cap it all, after his Democratic Party lost the election, in part because nobody trusted Hillary Clinton, realizing she has some issues in her cupboard but also in part because Barack Obama himself spent eight years doing absolutely nothing at all, the President has a hissy fit in public and starts expelling Russian diplomats because he believes Moscow fixed the US election.

For his information, now that it is evident that Barack Obama is plain damn stupid, the US election was fixed by the millions of US citizens who voted in a free or fair democratic process. And indeed, if the election in his country can be fixed by a foreign power, that does not say much about the ability of his country to hold one, does it? So in blaming Russia, he is insulting the millions who voted for Trump.

The real reason why Barack Obama is taking such a hard measure against Moscow is because Moscow has thwarted his every step along the way since he received the Nobel Peace Prize and insulted the Institution and the international community to the core. He blames Moscow for interfering in the internal affairs of foreign nations - so what exactly has he been doing in Syria and Lybia and Iraq and Afghanistan, against Iran, against the Palestinians, against Yemen? Didn't the USA interfere in Brazil, in Venezuela, have we not today seen a blueprint to out Duterte leaked from a US diplomatic source? So what the hell is Obama speaking about?

We know it, he knows it. Moscow has stood alongside international law all along, fostering the cause of a multilateral international community, creating a siblinghood of nations where development rules over deployment of troops, where terrorists are liquidated and not wined and dined.

Barack Obama can try to sour US-Russian relations by expelling diplomats. So his diplomats will be expelled in return. The less of that crap infesting Russia, the better. He can impose sanctions, he can increase sanctions. Many of us think that the greater the level of sanctions, the greater the number of opportunities open to Russia to diversify and strengthen the economy. So bring it on!!

Barack wants a lollipop!

All Barack Obama has done during these eight years is to underline the fact that the United States of America is losing its self-imposed game of world policeman, underline the fact that nobody outside Washington respects the USA and underline the fact that practically everyone, including American citizens, regards Washington with extreme suspicion.

So Obama, fwow your little tantwum, fwow your toys out the pwam, have your little hwissy fwit, bang your feet on the sidewalk and scweam "Mommy!! Barack wants a lollipop!!! Barack wants a lollipop!!! Barack wants a lollipop!!!"

Heard from the crowd that has gathered to watch the screaming little brat: "Someone needs a damn good hiding!"

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Twitter: @TimothyBHinchey

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey