MH17 Report? Or another Dutch failure?

Let us in first place and once again remember the victims of the MH 17 disaster and their families and friends and loved ones. Let us also ask what is the Netherlands, if not a failed version of Germany, what are the Dutch if not failed Germans? And has the Netherlands ever produced anything worthwhile except the Dyke? With a hole.

Take a look back at the history of the Netherlands and we see that every time they tried expanding to the West they got whipped by the Portuguese and got their backsides handed to them. Same in Africa, same in the East. The Portuguese did not even need to send the main body of their fleet to rout the Dutch here in Brazil - the job was done by the poorly-trained and ill-equipped part-time conscripts of the Capitanias or Captaincies which were local defense forces set up along the coast. Fast forward to modern times, the Dutch capacity for organization was visible in the tremendous balls-up in Bosnia. Google up Srebrenica.

The epitome of Dutch insolence

And now we have the epitome of insolence, a so-called preliminary report on the downing of the Malaysian air-liner flight MH-17 over a war zone in Ukraine, in which the Netherlands presents what it calls evidence implying that Russia was more than passively involved in the incident. Another Dutch farce, another Dutch organizational and administrative half-assed, poorly planned, dim-witted sniveling failure, and another Dutch study in shitfaced insolence.

For a start, Moscow was convinced by 2015 that the Dutch investigators had duped themselves or had been duped into believing the easy option, namely that the aircraft was downed by a BUK surface-to-air missile system, had decided to run all simulation models on this precept, ignoring all else, getting it wrong as usual. For this reason Russia sent classified documents on July 29, 2015 to the ITC (International Technical Commission). Russia also, at the time, submitted the model used by Almaz-Antei, the manufacturer of the BUK system.

This evidence was not even considered by the Joint Investigation Committee.

The Kremlin called for a full and impartial investigation from the beginning.

Full of holes, like a Dutch Dyke

In fact the more we look at this case, the more holes we find in the Dutch version, like the story of the Dutch Dyke. In short, more western pig-faced lies. Remember Saddam's WMD? Remember the doping scandal, when innocent Russians were barred from the Olympics, including a blanket ban on the Paralympic team, while western athletes drugged up to their eyeballs were allowed to compete when taking steroids for concentration problems or for a pain in the ass? Remember the documents proving Saddam was looking for uranium (forgeries)? Remember the evidence of Iraq's weapons program (copied and pasted from the Net and added to)? Remember the stories about Gaddafi bombing his own people? Remember the mass riots against Putin which turned out to be pics from 20 years before, protests at the dissolution of the Soviet Union? Remember the supposed run on Russian banks, only the letters in the background were Greek? Remember the stories about al-Assad using chemical weapons on his own people, when in fact the ones gassed were Syrian Arab Army troops fighting terrorists? Remember the West supporting terrorist groups in Libya on its own lists of proscribed groups? Remember the hundreds of bodies of Syrian children supposedly killed by al-Assad but in fact the photograph was taken from Iraq a decade earlier and the victims were Iraqi children murdered by NATO? Remember the precision strike murdering Gaddafi's grandchildren? Remember the footage taken by Rai Uno of NATO aircraft strafing fields of cereals in Iraq so that the civilian population would starve, which was zapped from the net? Remember by indicement of NATO which received 2.6 thousand Likes on Facebook and thousands of comments adding evidence, which was also taken from the Net and that Facebook account was hacked by a [email protected]? We could go on and on and on all morning. Just to say that these are the guys now blaming Russia for the MH-17 disaster, and once again let us remember and show respect for the victims and their families and friends and loved ones.

So let us dig deeper. The Russian Defense Ministry stated at the outset that the evidence used by the Dutch was likely to be biased, or in its polite terms, the objectivity of its conclusions might be doubtful. Let's speak plain English: Shit-headed blatant lies. The investigators used a specific model to confirm a supposed simulation of a BUK missile attack from a specific area and totally ignored all other evidence.

The facts do not add up

The technical elements presented by the JIT? There were no reliable technical elements presented by the JIT, according to the manufacturer of the BUK system, because the damage mentioned in the report issued this week does not match the real damage. Several fuselage fragments were not considered because the damage to these fell outside the cooked-up theory.

These three elements are the roof of the pilot's cabin, the left board with marking only on the virtual model and not the real one and the left side of the airliner board is absent.

And now let us see the cherry on the cake. The JIT speaks of "irrefutable evidence" which establishes that on July 17, 2014, flight MH-17 was shot down by a BUK missile from the 9M-38 series, launched from a field near Pervomayskoye, south of Snezhnoye, which was under the control of Russian-speaking Ukrainian militia. Er...the trail of the missile launch picked up on satellite? Nowhere to be found.

For a start, the Ukrainian militia does not have anyone capable of operating a high-tech system like a BUK missile unit, which needs three vehicles manned by experts who have received months of specialist training. It is not something you throw over your shoulder and point at a passing aircraft. Secondly, no Russian army units are, were or ever have been in Ukraine - the few that were, were volunteers such as the western volunteers who signed up to fight for ISIS, which does not mean those countries are to be blamed for collusion (although in some cases this may be nearer the truth - under investigation).

Next, the BUK 9M-38 series does not have i-beam shaped fragments, shown on the fuselage, something I pointed out in this column right at the beginning within days of the incident. And finally, the Russian Army does not use the 9M-38 missiles.

The model used by the manufacturer, whose evidence was disregarded wholly by the blasé Dutch report, states that the missile in question could only have been fired from a field, which it has identified, in Zaroshchenskoye, which was controlled at the time by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Not to mention the eye witness reports of Ukrainian military jets tailing the aircraft at the time and the connection with the flight which Vladimir Putin was on. Were the Ukrainians trying to murder the Russian President and are the Dutch covering up for them?

Mikhail Malyshevsky, advisor to the chief designer at Almaz-Antei, states that "the model of real damage linked to the final reconstruction, considering those fragments that are absent from the final report, differs considerably from the model of real damage".

Conclusion: Never trust a Dutchman. The investigation team has used a skewed version of events, using a virtual reality model based upon shadowed transparencies. In short, they cooked up the evidence to match a model they designed from the start. We can add to this the question about the tapes missing from Air Traffic Control over the area. Where are these tapes and why did they disappear?

Let us see the report from Almaz-Antei. After all recent events over the past decade and a half, I trust the Russian version of events - Moscow after all gets it right time and time again. The west? A bunch of liars, kowtowing to the lobbies which pull their strings and trying to stir up world war three.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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