Facebook destroys 'Pravda' in act of information war

Until recently, the official page of Pravda.Ru on Facebook was developing actively with over 10,000 people joining us on a monthly basis. The page had the official status assigned by the social network.

Yet, all is fair in war. All the principles of freedom of speech that US-based Facebook shareholders proclaim are just a screen to gain political scores. Not that long ago, Facebook managers admitted to manipulating the selection of news reports in Democrats' favor. In Alexey Navalny's hacked email, we could see intrusive inquiries from the head of Facebook Russia offering him assistance to promote his account.

The election campaign in Russia is underway, and our readers know which position Pravda.Ru takes in this political process.

We have never had any illusions about Facebook's excessive Russian-language advertising in all contextual advertising networks, or why the social network restricts the rights of those users, whose thoughts differ from the opinions of Facebook Ukraine, let alone US shareholders.

For this particular reason, the word "hohol" (translates as "copped" - an offensive epithet of Ukrainians used by Russians, literally meaning "crest", like a bird's) that was frequently used by Russian and Ukrainian great writer Nikolai Gogol, is deemed offensive if used on Facebook. At the same time, the words "katsap" (translates as "goat-like face" - an offensive epithet of Russians used by Ukrainians; literally - "like a goat (ukr. "kak tzap"), "moskal" (a pejorative term for the Russians in the Ukrainian language), or "vatnik" (an outspoken follower of Putin, who aims to compensate his meaningless life by glorifying the motherland) are quite normal and their use on Facebook are OK. This approach shows how Facebook violates its own rules in Russia, inciting and propagandizing hatred in international relations.

In general, we were expecting such a decision, after Ukrainian President Poroshenko included chairman of Pravda.Ru Board of Directors on the restrictive list of Russian media executives.

This is a common information war: to destroy a page on the social network with more than 235,000 subscribers. Business is business.

We have created a new page of our publication on Facebook. We know that there are many ideological fighters there, who receive grants to conduct this type of warfare. Well, we will be more careful.

For the time being, we invite you to subscribe to our new page on this social network: https://www.facebook.com/pravdaonline/


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov