Memo to U.S. establishment: Get out of Dodge! Quick!

Beware Washington Beltway! If the results of the second U.S. Present Twit Primary are representative of worse portents to come then the entire American conventional political apparatus should be on guard: their time at the top of the moneyed/power pyramid is over. The same can be said for all the crooked lobbyists and their lamestream media supporters.

The major networks' days of whine, lies and sleaze 'reporting' are almost at an end. The establishment's death knell watch has nothing to do with the Democrats' political fortunes either. The new/old guy Sanders 20 point victory over challenger Hillary Clinton was a junior tremor.  

Pyrrhic victory for Sanders?

In fact, you could call Sanders 'victory' pyrrhic. The Socialist's popularity almost guarantees a free ride the rest of the way to the top story that emerged out of New Hampshire: GOP victor and still front runner Donald Trump. The day was his; the victory margin larger than expected; and the body count of the GOP 'zero' contenders was mounting. As expected the loyalist media spin mongers did not see things clear. Before Trump's monumental landslide victory hit the front pages, America's pundits already laid their rotten stink bombs. The talking heads refused to pay Donald Trump his dues; show him respect. Nope; they deflected. Prime example: there was plenty of mind‐numbing blather about the GOP losers (Democrat Clinton was spared immolation.) who as one genius put it 'made a strong showing' out of losing. Of course that meant giving plugs to squawk‐talking, and dirty tricks challenger Ted Cruz.

Cruzer man with pimento halo

The Cruzer man was even endowed with a South Carolina palmetto sized halo: his worshipping evangelical hordes in a week's time would come out en masse to catapult anchor baby Ted back in the limelight as a conservative saint. Good luck... The pundits were not done. For hours on end they waxed polemically.  One conjured a dumb scenario: Trump's slayer was none other than Jethro Bush. Talk on the street was that older brother George would come out of hiding. He would stump for his beloved kin. Maybe Dubya could prop baby Bush up; elaborate, er, splain to South Carolinians how Jeb's many seven point foreign travel plans of zero star ratings translated into the betterment of ordinary citizens' lives. Dubya cut his prime time appearance short. The best that he could muster was, "I believe Jeb is a leader; just not strong but I learned him well". Then Dubya snuck out the door; soon he was back on golfing hiatus. With still much dead time to kill, news anchors resorted to invention. Instead of arranging an interview with the star attraction, Donald Trump, they cut to the chase.

It led to the White House. There, the correspondents could not fawn enough over Obama's 'Op‐ed' piece for the Lewd Dork Times (Soros must have coached Obama on that tack. When you are no longer relevant, write exculpatory fluff on what you should have done; but never say 'accountable'.) Not satisfied with the zero resonance response, team media started reaching. They soon found another angle to attack Donald Trump: repeat the 'Black Lives Matter' meme.  Without any substance to match, they dropped the football. After the sun went down Tuesday in the Granite State, Donald Trump basked in the glow of a remarkable victory. Americans would never know that though if they tuned in at 8:00 p.m. Even with the talk of a huge victory margin coming from the exit polls, all the MSM would proffer was that "Donald Trump was the probable winner". What a disgraceful moot point! The establishment still does not get it.

This election is not a popularity contest; no, not at all. The results though signaled a bow shot, from the hearts and minds of the true electorate in America's hinterland.   With his supporters, GOP leader Trump has delivered a resolute repudiation of the status quo for all of its failed policies.

In Donald Trump, American voters have a thoroughbred champion. In his candidacy they have found their collective voice again. The Donald's truth trumps all of the mainstream lies. His message is by the people, for the people and of the people. They stand together; the inextricable bond is a formidable force. The establishment feels it. So much so that one can sense that the Washington Beltway is already quaking inside its comfort zones.   It matters little whether their guy is Jeb Clinton or Hillary Bush.  They will lose. The common sense voter guarantees it. Now that is true poetic American justice.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey