Ecuador recognizes gender identity choice

Ecuador recognizes gender identity in the identification document

Ecuador's National Assembly passed a law with 77 votes in favor out of 100 assembly members present, namely the Organic Law of the National Identity and Civil Data Management Service, which, among other advances, will enable persons of legal age - 18 years - change their sex in their identity documents.


Diane Rodriguez, Ecuadorian Federation national president of LGBT Organizations [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender], claims that this law and right, which today represents a meaningful pathway to all people, regardless of whether they are heterosexual or part of the gay or lesbian groups, and benefits, in particular, trans and intersex people.

Trans persons recognized

Unlike other laws that recognize trans people by their gender (Argentina, Italy, Denmark, etc.), or creating a third gender (Australia, India, Nepal), Ecuador has established itself as the first country in world, recognizing the sex of the people from their birth (biological and chromosomal characters, which do not change by any surgical or hormonal intervention) and gender, from the perception of feeling male or female.

In 2013, several LGBT organizations such as the Silueta X Association, managed to generate Law Nr. 21525 passed by the government of President Rafael Correa,  to recognize the "de facto unions" for gay people, which generate the same rights as marriage, in 2014.

And now, the recognition of the gender identity of  trans and intersex persons in 2015. Not to mention the mention of sexual orientation and gender identity in the organic laws and advances of rights in the areas of health and justice.

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Recognizing the rights of persons

Editorial note: Ecuador joins many other nations and Governments in recognizing the rights of Persons, whether they be LGBT or otherwise. The bottom line these days is the concentration on the rights of the person, as a legal entity, as a birthright, to be respected in her/his integrity, meaning inviolability of the person physically or psychologically. This means the right to choose sexuality or sexual orientation, manifesting the character through whatever legal means. This right is enshrined in the constitutions of many States, such as the Constitution of the Russian Federation. However there are many others where it is illegal to be homosexual or practice homosexual acts, where transsexuals or transvestites are ridiculed in public, liable to prosecution and in some cases, death.

Perhaps when we can be more tolerant as societies, we can expect more tolerance at the level of nations, which means tolerance for sexual expression alongside religious option, gender rights, gender equality and women's empowerment.

It is perfectly ridiculous that members of our senior citizen community are expressing their desire to leave this planet because they cannot see any reason to remain on it. It is for these people that I will dedicate 2016. Let us collectively make this planet a better place, and this starts with Tolerance.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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