Poor Dutch Ambassador!

Last week, the Ambassador of the "Kingdom of the Netherlands" in Moscow was rightfully criticized and ridiculed on these pages for making some utterly stupid remarks about the Crimea. The arrogant stupidity of Mr. Ron van Dartel is indicative of the perversity pervading the entire Dutch ruling class.

The correct term for this ruling class would be "kakistocracy", or rule by the worst, most morally corrupt elements in society. As a matter of fact, moral decrepitude is what holds this class together. A generation or two ago, the ruling class recruited its new members through an old boys' network, essentially a long-established rather restricted circle of elite universities and the aristocracy. The system was held together by shared upper class principles and customs. Subsequently, the rapid growth of government bureaucracy (and the competition from well-paid jobs in private enterprise), imposed less rigid recruitment standards, opening up the system. Thus the middle middle and lower middle classes got their chance to become high civil servants, Cabinet Chefs and Ambassadors. Yet because they were not from the upper middle and upper classes, their class loyalty could not be counted upon. And because many of the more lowly born newcomers were highly capable and ambitious, some mechanism was needed to ensure their absolute loyalty to the system that admitted them.

Homosexual pedophilia in the Dutch government

This mechanism was homosexuality, and especially homosexual pedophilia in its most gruesome and perversely violent aberrations. It began in the early 1980s with Klaus von Amsberg, the father of the current Dutch "King." When still a West-German diplomat working in Africa in the 1950s, Klaus was suspended for engaging openly in pedophile activity. After marrying the Dutch crown princess Beatrix and coming to power in 1980, a circle of powerful pedophile friends and advisers soon formed around the royal couple. When the US spy services found this out, it soon proved a splendid weapon for blackmailing the Dutch government. It was first used in 1983 to force the Dutch government to deploy US cruise missiles against the wishes of the majority of the population.

Since 1982 Joris Demmink, a civil servant in the Department of Justice, was kingpin of the government pedophile network, eventually becoming head of the Department in 2002, remaining in office until retiring in 2012. Under his auspices, blackmailable people were appointed to all of the key offices of the Dutch state. In order to be eligible for high state office, one must be preferably a homosexual, better even a pedophile. If one does not meet these criteria, one must at least have been present at some ugly pedophile party, where sometimes innocent children (even infants) are sacrificed. (By the way, in Britain they have the same system, with pedophile luminaries such as Edward Heath, Leon Brittan and Jimmy Savile). The system is only effective as long as foreign governments do not discover the personal details of the highest-ranking participants. When they do, they can get whatever they want through blackmail.

When the Turkish government acquired proof that Mr. Demmink had been engaging in pedophile adventures in a Turkish seaside resort, it forced the Dutch authorities to arrest, sentence and jail Hüseyin Baybaşin, a high-profile Kurdish businessman fighting for Kurdish autonomy. Arrested and jailed in 1998, four years later (!) in 2002 Mr. Baybasin was finally found guilty of a murder that was never committed and sentenced to life imprisonment. The audiotapes used as evidence were tampered with. All attempts to get the verdict overturned have failed so far, since all the judges strictly carry out orders from the Department of Justice. Mr Baybasin has by now been wrongfully in jail for 17 years. And this in a country that has the poor taste to lecture other nations on the topic of human rights!

The Baybasin case does not stand alone. The entire Dutch judiciary has become so utterly corrupted by the pedophile elite as to be a total travesty, just because the personal secrets of the blackmailable high-and-mighty need to be protected. Besides the judiciary, the police are corrupt, as well as parliament, political parties, local government, banking, accountancy, education and health care. Fish rots from the head, and so the entire Dutch state, in all its parts has become rotten as a result of the corruption and depravity at the top of the government pyramid.

Van Dartel did not mean to say what he said

Now back to Mr. Ron van Dartel, the Dutch ambassador in Moscow. Working in a ministry where pink shirts and effeminate manners set the tone, he has a striking physical feature: a short-cropped grey (rather pepper-and-salt) beard. In an organization where outward appearance is crucially important and where every detail tells a story, a beard is the mark of suppressed rebelliousness and non-conformity. But a beard is about all the system will permit. For the rest, like the clean shaven diplomats, the bearded ones must follow orders and make the public statements they are told, no matter how arrogant, stupid or silly.

Though hard criticism of the Dutch ambassador in Moscow is more than justified, we might also feel just a bit sorry for him. His little beard actually tells the whole story: Mr. van Dartel probably never really wanted to make those stupid remarks about the Crimea. Of course, the Dutch government will eventually have to recognize the return of the Crimea to Russia! But Mr. van Dartel was instructed to say otherwise. Moreover, he is now too far advanced in the diplomatic service to refuse an order and make a career switch.

Mr. van Dartel does not have a choice, but neither does the Dutch government, under constant blackmail from Washington. Unfortunately, such is the price of being a vassal of the US empire.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel