Canadian racism and slavery, or Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Letter to editor:

"I remember my Polish Solidarity days. I remember running through Wasilkowska Street screaming: Russians go home!!! Russians must go home!!! I remember getting caught by milicja and consequences.  I remember my mother father being great human rights paradise.

"Now here I am - finally FREE! - In Canada -walking silently disappointed along the Georgia Street...In this Canada: I saw Vietnamese maid injured at work crawling screaming for help and white managers laughing, I saw Filipino houseman being beaten by the VIP white hotel guest and no police called to help him, I saw Chinese old laundry lady after 30 years of service told that she is too weak to continue even though the retirement age was just raised to 67...I saw the man who stood up to all that sent to psychiatrist for mental evaluation. Canadian racism and slavery is more rampant than in communism and there is only one fake protection designed not for internal but for an external consumption...for you. It is proudly called Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Do not be fooled...I was.

"Croatian Origin - Canadian Human Rights Tribunal judge was interested in my Solidarity involvement and her part in Criminal Court in Hague prosecuting Serbian "Criminals" instead of Canadian internal issues. Seeing her hatred toward Serbs and Russians and her distance from Canadian blue collar workers it was hard to imagine that she would be willing to help. For the first time in my life I felt helpless and sorry for General Jaruzelski, Hussein, Kaddafi, Milosevic...I know what they felt...Injustice.

"Putin must save the world from arrogant selfish western politicians who still see red everywhere: American pit bulls, English bulldogs and French poodles..."

Jacek - Canadian Eskimo Dog and his beloved Russian Blue.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov