Chlorine in envelopes addressed to Putin and Kasyanov

In suspicious letters addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime-Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, found out in railway post office of Novosibirsk central station, there was chlorine. It should be remembered that the day before, seven envelopes addressed to the president and the prime-minister were found containing some free-flowing substance. There was no return address on the envelopes. After the envelopes were opened by specialists, the so-called white powder was found there. The envelopes were immediately sent to experts. Today results of the examination became known: there are not anthrax spores in the envelopes. The white powder turned out to be usual chlorine. Therefore, law-enforcers again came across somebody’s joke. Apropos, on the whole, about 100 cases of the kind were registered in Russia. In all the cases, the letters did not contain any danger. Law-enforcement bodies are afraid sending such letters could become an epidemic. Children or psychically unbalanced persons could be these letters’ senders. At the moment, law-enforcers try to find senders of the letters addressed to Moscow.

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