Terrorism as a weapon

Ukraine's inability to regain the territories lost since 2014 has resulted in the immense carnage of its soldiers for the past two years, with such huge losses of men and equipment that Kiev hides them in official reports. However, the numbers are also known in the West but are contemplated with a nirvana detaching, as if they were the right price to pay for destroying Russia. "We will fight to the last Ukrainian” has indeed been the cynical and cowardly slogan in the Western press since the beginning of the special military operation and says it all about the attitude of the collective West and its elites (sic) towards its Ukrainian proxy.

However, Western super-weapons have failed the test of real war, tragically revealing their design flaws and deflating the hype bubble they were wrapped in. The European and US economic and production structure, now essentially based on a financial capitalism in which factories and manufactures have been moved abroad to distant countries not necessarily docile to Washington's orders, this structure does not allow the production of weapons and ammunition to the extent necessary for war. Kiev still receives huge amounts of money but only to stay afloat as a failed zombie state. This money, like the ineffective "military aid”, only delays the inevitable: the defeat of Ukraine and, by extension, the collective West at the hands of a Russia determined to methodically dismantle the war machine that Washington and London have created against it with the help of almost all European capitals.

This war machine is also based on the generous employment of extremist fringes openly inspired by Stepan Bandera and Mykola Lebed, two Nazi executioners who were followers of Hitler, two beasts in human form, who died a natural death, protected in the United States instead of hanged at Nuremberg.

The not-so-subtle hope was always that Russia would indulge in a disproportionate response, one that would attract censure worldwide, including that of its allies. Nothing of the sort has happened, and instead Moscow zealously continues to shred the Ukrainian armed forces without slaughtering innocent, unarmed civilians.

The opposite of what Kiev does as soon as it can, following the orders of its Western masters: from 2014 until today, it has been a continuous trickle of attacks against Russian civilians, in the Donbas territories but also, after the start of the war, on Russian territory itself.

Although it is natural to expect Russian officers and soldiers to be hunted down and killed by Kiev even well inside Russian territory, because these are the rules of war, we cannot, on the other hand, find justification for attacks on Russian civilians who are unarmed and not directly participating in the conflict.

This is why we do not forget and absolutely do not forgive the death by cowardly and murderous hand of Daria Dugin, killed in an assassination attempt by a Ukrainian agent who actually wanted to assassinate her father, the philosopher Alexandr Dugin.

This is why we do not forget and absolutely do not forgive the dozens of lives that murderous animals extinguished in the attack on Crocus City Hall, finishing off with a knife the wounded who could have been saved.

That is why we do not forget and absolutely do not forgive the victims of the latest Ukrainian attack in Belgorod, where at least fifteen people were killed by a Ukrainian missile fired blindly at an inhabited area and which hit an apartment building in the middle of the night.

Those responsible for all this must and will pay: even if they are not met with righteous Russian vengeance, they will still eventually have to live as fugitives, always under the protection of their Western masters, at least until the puppet masters are tired of their puppets.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov