Instead of dentistry, every second tooth is extracted in the Krasnoyarsk region

Stomatology is the only medical branch that managed to adjust to the market conditions, according to a statement by the Krasnoyarsk public health collegium. Senior dentist of the public health department in the regional administration Viktor Parilov says that quality of stomatological services for the population has changed for the best.

A well-developed network of alternative stomatological services appeared in the Krasnoyarsk region eight years ago. This allows state-run medical institutions to increase the quality of services and find additional sources of financing. Competitiveness on the market also contributed greatly to such an upsurge.

At the same time, equipment of the stomatological institutions leaves much to be desired: the supply of equipment and instruments makes up 0.94; personnel potential, 0.72. The coefficient of the servicing level makes up 0.92. In Parilov’s words, qualitative results of stomatological institutions were reduced between 1997-1999, which was caused mainly by insufficient financing. According to statistics, every second tooth is extracted at the time when dentistry and not extraction is required.

The collegium passed a resolution aimed at the development of technical equipment of the stomatological institutions, the implementation of new technologies, and raising the skill level of personnel.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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