Three horror scenarios predicted for Syria

Die Welt has published an article on the current situation in Syria. Author of the material Sascha Lehnarz says that there is no expert who would know what this military operation started by the US and its president Trump means.

'Was it an impulsive act of a too emotional Supreme Commander and grandfather who got so upset because of photos of dead children that he decided to go the length of such a retaliatory strike? Or were these 59 Tomahawk missiles just a beginning of a more serious activity of the US in Syria? That is namely what Trump used to warn his predecessor Barack Obama about in 2013' Lehnarz wonders.

The US State Secretary Rex Tillerson made it clear that Assad's fate should be decided upon by the Syrians. While a 'political juggler Donald Trump' has not thought over consequences of his combat order operation in Syria, has he?

With this strike Trump created facts which change strategic initial position and define scale of future acts.

'Tender spring in relations with Russia? It seems to have frozen. And Trump could use it even for inner policy given suspicions on his huge favour of Putin. The question is what he will do with Syria now,' the article says.

There are three horror scenarios for Syria.

The first one is to bear Assad's regime, which is supported by Russia and Iran and threatens Israel in the medium term.

Option №2: to liquidate Assad's regime with the help of military operation in order to at best maintain the defeated state like Libya in the future, where opposing Islamists scamper.

The third option: an attempt to carry out the second option leads to an armed clash with Russia.

As Pravda.Ru reported before, Rex Tillerson should be in Moscow on 11-12 April. The Western media presented a false story according to which Tillerson may provide evidence of Russia' s being aware of a chemical attack in Syria and concealing it. The Sunday Times supposed that the US was working out this version and might even present Russia with an ultimatum.

Visit to Moscow: Tillerson takes secret offer for Putin

Sergey Ordjonikidze, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Civic Chamber, former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, told Pravda.Ru that 'Tillerson will not present any ultimatums. However, we will ask him why in course of approval of a resolution of the Security Council on investigation of the situation with alleged chemical weapons, they adopted the resolution, almost agreed upon necessity to conduct investigation and in some hours carried out the strike. How can one take that? Such a strike cannot be prepared in one hour. That means that they were holding talks on the one hand and on the other they had already known that they would carry out the missile strike. Who let them carry it out? The Security Council did not authorize them and the Syrian government did not ask them to, while these are the only two legitimate ways,' Ordjonikidze added.


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