Many problems of the day arise from bad sleep at night

Many of us, basically women believe that sleep before midnight, the so-called beauty sleep, is the best for the human organism

In winter when the days are short and gloomy, when the sunsets are early and nights are long more people feel they would sleep all day long. However, many people complain of bad sleep in winter. Even when feeling absolutely tired and sleepy some of us still face serious problems with falling asleep. We may either suffer from insomnia or have light sleep.

Recommendations of somnologists may help those who no longer enjoy good sleep, especially in winter.

Doctors say that people never get used to noise. So, place your bed in the quietest part of the apartment. Absolute darkness in the bedroom will help fall asleep better. Even a ray of light may disturb the sleep, and it means that bedroom curtains must be non-transparent.

Air temperature favorable for sleep should make up not more than 20 degrees centigrade. However, this does not mean that people must be cold at night when the body temperature drops by one centigrade degree. Wrap in a warm blanket to feel comfortable at night in a chilly bedroom.

Never ponder over office problems or some other troubles of the day when being in bed otherwise you will never fall asleep. Better read some quiet book, certainly not detective stories or erotic novels.

Heavy substantial meals before going to bed, especially rich and spicy meals, coffee and alcohol may ruin your plans to enjoy a good night of sleep. At the same time, it is no good to go to bed with empty stomach. Have some fruits, a small sandwich or a glass of warm milk with honey before going to bed.

Warm bath with herbs or special salts may help fall asleep quicker. Walking in the evening is also good for those who have problems with falling asleep. Jogging before going to bed does not allow people relax and entails bad sleep. Better enjoy a quiet walk with your dog if you have one.

If the above recommendations do not work, find a better bed for your bedroom. Experts state that we should change our beds once in ten years. Even those who sleep quietly and well at night make at least 23 movements overnight. If you still have insomnia, sleep in another bed because snoring and gritting the teeth of someone sleeping by your side is really disturbing.

There are some myths pertaining to sleep that are not always true however. It is believed that children must sleep at least 12 hours a day. In fact, each of us needs various amount of time to have good night's rest. Usually, only children under three years of age sleep 12 hours a day. Nine-hour sleep will be quite enough for ten-year-old children.

It is often said that older people need longer sleep. The majority of elderly individuals have a nap in the afternoon, but they usually sleep not more than others.

Some people are sure that night persons may easily switch to early rising in the morning. But even if people manage to give up their habit of going to bed late at night and waking up later next morning, they are unlikely to be as effective as under their regular regime. It was tentatively proved that some people turn out to be particularly efficient late at night.

Many of us, basically women believe that sleep before midnight, the so-called beauty sleep, is the best for the human organism. But it fact it is more important to got to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

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Author`s name Olga Savka