Ukraine to return Russian debt, it’s no better than Nigeria

The High Court of Justice in London has declared Russia to be not guilty of economic and political pressure on Kiev. Kiev now intends to lodge an appeal. The case was about a 3bln dollars debt of Ukraine to Russia.

Ukrainian officials have already claimed that the High Court did not take into account alleged Russian military aggression with its decision.

Anatoliy Kapustin, President of the Russian International Law Association, has commented Pravda.Ru on the issue.

The situation is between economy and politics, while law is the last thing. Everything concerning Ukraine is postmodernism. Such a stance has been taken by the West. Now whatever we say, they rise their hackles. But economic situation is different. Taking into account the IMF stance, as it suspended yet another tranche to Ukraine given this situation with the debt, everything has deteriorated.

We passed money via an interstate line, using private banks. These were funds of our state to another - Ukraine. The new government came. At first, we did not recognize them, but then recognized partly. But all the same there no full-fledged relations. They have not even approved our Ambassador. So, they have got a free hand not to implement anything. They thought the West would support them. But 3 billion are not 3 million or 3 roubles. It's a serious sum. They realize that there are international financial institutes which are responsible for such decisions. Should they support Kiev, and such billions-worth debts may occur not only in Russia. It will be a domino effect. A lot of developing countries are not content. If Ukraine is forgiven, is an African state worse? Nigeria for example. No. Ukraine will return its debt, otherwise other will also refuse. And the IMF may face failure to pay.

Everything is clear. If they want to establish relations with us and not to be a country which does not implement its obligations, the court should support Russia. Ukraine is to pay. And the IMF relation to them will change.

And unless they admit, they will be out of the civilized international economic and financial community. It is unacceptable to take money and not return then. The XXI century will not allow that.


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