Greece votes OXI which means NO

I'd like to start this article with some nice fireworks, a burst of beautiful fireworks, a bonaaaanza of fireworks .... red, blue, yellow, green, all bright, gaudy and noising. New Year Neapolitan stuff. But I can't, of course, so I leave the willing reader  imagine them in all their glory. Including noise.

And yes ... but ... with a Neapolitan who also brings you a tray of pastries. Two trays! I could write instead some analysis socio political, historical and economic style as graduation thesis stuff but surely would end up boring everyone and what ever I could say that other better than I have not already said?

No, I decided. For the affection that binds me to my readers, even those of them most critical that never fail to write their severe comments (tu quoque Brute!), I just remember that OXI means NO. In Greek at least. That is: the opposite of YES. I mean: denial (or negation) of a certain thing. In short, that in other words, the opposite of the statement (the opposite, dear Angela, the opposite).

Do you want to pay a mountain of taxes to save foreign banks?

For example: do you want to pay a mountain of taxes to save foreign banks? OXI. Do you want to lose your job and your future to save some few rich guys already filthy rich? OXI. Do you want to lose your health and public education for the International Monetary Fund? OXI. Do you want to put a collar around your neck to bring a smile to an old German on a wheelchair that seems that the copy format economist of Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove? OXI. OXI OXI OXI and again OXI. OXI at 68%.

Some might say, but to whom we ask these questions? To the Greek people, from which of course also the use of language.

Some might say: but the Greek people are competent to answer? They can't be all of them... economists! Well, they are not all graduated economists but the Greeks have their share of knowledge and experience. They obtained directly on the field, suffering an economic severity without shame that, apparently, would have had to pay the debts of Greece and relaunch the economy but that in fact has just fattened foreign banks unleashing a wave of misery without parallel in modern Greek society.

Referendum is a lesson in democracy

Sure, someone voted for ... the opposite of OXI, but not enough to win the referendum of Sunday, July 5. But even if they had won the YES, the referendum itself would still be a manifestation of civilization and a lesson in democracy.

Someone called the Greeks of these days children of Pericles, children of Themistocles (after the result, as always in these cases). I would also say children of Socrates, of the Marathon, children of Leonidas and of many others who have said NO when they could instead bow their heads and obey. Of course, were Greeks also the rulers who have gone along with the European Commission, the IMF and the Troika. They have starved their people, at least 68% of their people. But they were Greeks of the minority, that we can also forget. History will take them an example of what not to be, not what to be, of what not to do and not what to do.

That in which we live is not the Europe of Peoples but the Europe of banks. Banks that are choking Nations and Peoples under the weight of debts due to economic speculation, to create money to the money, by money itself and not, instead, from honest work.

The referendum clearly stated that Greece is tired to continue on the disastrous course on which it is running on. I'm not going to write that Tsipras has to do this or that. So I hope that president Tsipras make the right choices for the future, or at least the less wrong. I hope that he has his back covered. Now it will be more difficult than before to deal with the bandits of the international economy: in fact, who cares that people complain if the governments obey?

Apparently, now, there is a people who got tired of complaining and a government who got tired of obeying.

Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey