Europe makes ridiculous attempts to condemn communism

PACE tries to equate communism with Nazism while fascist sentiments gain more popularity in Europe

Deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe (PACE) gathered for a meeting today in an attempt to organize another Nuremberg trial over communism. The draft resolution to internationally condemn “the crimes of totalitarian communist regimes” will become one of the key points of discussion during the PACE session which opened on January 23rd. It goes without saying that the resolution touches upon Russia directly because Russia was destined to inherit the biggest communist regime in history.

The author of the project, Swedish deputy Joran Lindblad, does not see any fundamental differences between the communist regime in the USSR and the Nazi regime in Germany. The deputy raised a question about the crime of massive repressions committed in the Soviet Union. In other words, the PACE deputies will have to decide whether Soviet officers should be equated to SS officers and denounced as criminals against humanity.

A deputy of the Russian State Duma, Vladimir Kashin, expressed an opinion of the Communist Party on the matter in an interview with Pravda.Ru. “It is anticommunism that equals fascism. We can see how the Baltic countries, which disavowed their Soviet past, let SS cutthroats march in the streets freely, although they sent to crematoriums Soviet prisoners, Jews, Poles, British and French citizens,” Kashin said. The politician added that European parliamentarians should recollect the fact that the communist forces contributed greatly to the way the continent of Europe exists nowadays.

Vladimir Kashin named his own reasons of PACE's attention and interest in the communist regimes: “Imperialism and its vices is being ousted from every corner of the world. We can see it now when Europe tries to choose socially-oriented models of state organization. The whole world is taking a leftist turn nowadays. Being afraid of this trend, transnational corporations, American and Israeli capitals act through Europe now,” the communist said. 

Russian democrats split in their estimations regarding PACE's resolution on communism. Irina Khakamada expressed her bewilderment regarding the logic of European parliamentarians. “Hell knows what is happening in their heads,” the politician said straightforwardly in her interview with Pravda.Ru. Khakamada added that she would not uphold such a document. “I would strike out the word 'communist' from the resolution and replace it with “totalitarian and bloody crimes.” This is what should be condemned. There are many of such examples in the world today – Indonesia or Iraq, for example. Communist parties are legal. That is why there should not be such a heavy emphasis placed on communist regimes,” Khakamada said.

On the other hand, Irina Khakamada's former colleague, Leonid Gozman, expressed a different point of view to a Pravda.Ru correspondent. “First of all, I believe that the crimes committed by communists should be condemned just like the crimes committed by Nazis were condemned. Secondly, it would be better if we did it ourselves. The Soviet Union used to be the leading communist country in the world. I would like the process to take place in the Russian parliament, not in the PACE,” Gozman said.

In spite of the fact that the communist ideology collapsed in Russia, the numerous attempts to strike out everything that happened during the USSR's existence should normally evoke an obvious reaction of protest with patriots.

Russian politicians have failed to express a single approach to the matter of PACE's draft resolution to denounce communism. The leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, cracks jokes in the Russian parliament saying that communism should be condemned just because it saved Jews from the total extermination. In the meantime, the leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, scares passers-by in the center of Strasbourg, waving his red banner and singing communist songs.

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Author`s name Olga Savka