Russian national dignity blatantly abused in Polish museums

Shoes on the face or national symbols have never been perceived as a complementary gesture either in Western or Oriental cultures

The situation with Russia's “partner,” Ukraine, which still does not know how to prove its so-called “right” to steal the Russian natural gas, seems to hurt Poland. The Poles stand on Kiev's side, of course. As usual, Poland expresses its offence in a very twisted form: the visitors of a new museum in Warsaw were offered to walk on the flag of the USSR. The Flag of the USSR

Poland is not the first country, which practiced the “noble deed” of wiping feet on the flags of foreign states. One can see numerous news reports on TV showing the footage of miserable Palestinians burning, tearing and trampling US flags. It seems that the Palestinian industry has launched the massive production of flags for this purpose so that the people of Palestine could rage at Israel's staunch ally, the USA. 

The overthrown notorious Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had a very sophisticated approach to the desecration of national symbols. As soon as the USA ousted him from Kuwait, Hussein ordered the inlaying the floor of Al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad with the mosaic portrait of George Bush Sr. It was impossible to walk around the face of the former US president, and high-ranking respectable guests of the hotel had to step on it every day. The story had a sad ending for Hussein: the USA conducted a massive military operation in Iraq in the coalition with some of its allies, in which Poland was included. Baghdad was occupied, US marines destroyed the portrait of their leader in the hotel with crowbars and promised to replace it with Saddam's portrait. Saddam's mosaic face may appear on the floor of the same or another hotel in the future, when the former Iraqi dictator is sentenced to 300 or more years in prison.

Shoes on the face or national symbols have never been perceived as a complimentary gesture either in Western or Oriental cultures. The red banner is not the official flag of the Russian Federation anymore. However, it is the banner of the USSR's victory in WWII. Polish officials continue to demonstrate their inappropriate perception of the events of 1945, which could be seen in May of this year during the Victory Parade in Moscow. The US administration would probably order to launch a couple of missiles on Warsaw at this point, but such measures are excluded in the relations between brotherly Slavic nations.

On the other hand, if Russia actively borrows up-to-date technologies, economic and political experiences from the West, why not learning something about the US version of patriotism? Needless to say that it is a highly serious matter in the “world's most democratic nation.” As the US experience shows, patriotism is the national feeling supported with respectable external authority. The latter in its turn needs to be backed up with nuclear warheads.

A few days are left before the night when the clocks strike 12 and the new year begins. It is considered a good tradition to wish everyone happiness and luck on this holiday. A conversation about military operations does not seem to be appropriate at this point. We would like to wish our Polish friends to be healthy and live long and happy lives. At the same time, Russian people would be grateful if the museum administration removed the Flag of the Victory from the floor. This Victory cost almost 50 million human lives.

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Author`s name Olga Savka