Bullseye!! Israeli terrorist attacks slaughter 200

What Ehud Olmert and George Bush need to know is the truth and the truth why this latest horrific debacle in Middle East history started is because of a Zionist massacre in June slaughtering Palestinian civilians enjoying themselves on a Gaza beach. How many people have forgotten this story?

The shelling of Palestinians enjoying a family picnic on a beach in Gaza was caught on camera and the camera caught an Israeli warship slinking away into the distance after salvoes of missiles were fired. At the time, Hamas vowed revenge and it came with the kidnapping of the Israeli corporal...things degenerated from there.

Yet if Israel had not started this latest exchange of violence, it would certainly not have reached the levels it has reached today. The result is 200 civilians massacred by military hardware sold by the USA and wanton destruction of civilian infrastructures in Lebanon.

The latest massacre came today when Israeli aircraft strafed a bridge full of Lebanese civilian cars. Ten civilians were carbonised. In other terrorist attacks on Tripoli by Israeli aircraft, another 17 civilians were murdered. Six children were murdered in a further Israeli terrorist attack on Tyre as they tried to reach a shelter.

No further comment.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey