Kitty Kelley takes serious shots at Bush in her new book – Bush is far from clean about his drug use

Her book: “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty” exposes that Bush started using cocaine in the 1960’s when he was at college, and at Camp David when his daddy was president. 
Gosh, how did the secret service miss that?   

Laura Bush, it seems, enjoyed marijuana when she was younger.   

Other friends have offered that our Generalissimo Grosse used to sneak out back during guard drills to smoke marijuana.  This is appropriate for an Officer in the armed forces – I think not. But then again, it is unacceptable for real Officers. 

But, never mind as money and influence can cover the smoke trails of a junkie kid. 

Bush’s jock strap style supporters yelp that all this was stuff that was dismissed 25 years ago, maybe for them that is.  The White House once again yodels the familiar tune of “Unfair”, anything that does not state Bush is God is of course always addressed as unfair. 

Some of Bush’s college cronies aren’t so amused though. One was quoted as saying: "He went out of his way to act crude. It's amazing someone you held in such low esteem later became president.".  Things have not changed much have they? 

Now, the questions: How did Bush get his above Top Secret security clearance required of a president – any information about drug usage in your past automatically nixes any such clearance.  Who in the FBI chose to ignore Bush’s AWOL, drug and drinking patterns?  Why does Bush still have an above Top Secret security clearance now that he is taking meds to help him keep both oars in the water – things like that automatically revokes security clearances like Bush has.  How did Laura Bush get a security clearance with a smoke dope background?   

Let’s review some of the information we have.   

The lush-o-rama drinking bouts and under age two fisted hard core Texas style alcohol chuggin' fiestas of the Bush girls is the type of thing that would get a normal parent in trouble with the law over.  Well, at least they were drinking underage in the company of the Secret Service – law enforcement.   

Georgie Boy, with a past problem of untreated chemical abuse is walking around taking meds that could send him off on another outer limits space voyage binge of white powder from Columbia, and he’s got his hands on the trigger for our atomic weapons?   

How does a family orientated, religiously insistent family, have such a stir stick of chemical recreation use/abuse, maintain the faзade of a cast, made for TV, ‘really nice people’.   

Should Bush leave the White House and take up acting – we’d all probably feel a little more secure with that.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova