A California Supreme Court decision leaves Gays and Lesbians wondering

A recent California Supreme Court decision has nullified the marriages of thousands of Gays and Lesbians. 
3,995 same-sex marriages sanctioned by the city of San Francisco were never valid under the law says the Supreme Court ruling.

This leaves the sax sex marriages wondering what will happen to the insurances benefits that were awarded them by virtue of being married. Valid marriages not only ensure parental rights - they are key to a wide variety of financial benefits, affecting taxes, inheritance, insurance, Social Security and retirement.

Margot McShane, one of the same sex marriages, said. "The court's decision, it gave me a feeling like you were kicked in the stomach."  She and her spouse have two children, twins, which McShane’s partner gave birth to last month.  No where on the birth certificate is a provision that affords two people, of the same sex, to be designated as the parents of the children.  

The same sex parents had planned to go to court, marriage license in hand, demanding that each of the parents be legally recognized as having the same parental benefits.   But for now, the point is moot.

At the center of the argument is the constitution of the State of California which neither fully allows, nor fully disallows, same sex marriages. Presently, there are a number of law suits, challenging the latest ruling, that are being combined into a single class action suit to recognize the marriages. 

The Gay marriage opponents say the gay weddings violate both state law and a voter referendum barring same-sex marriages.

Attorneys for both sides are filing briefs with the court.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova