Author`s name Michael Simpson

Lukashenko vs. US

It is perfectly known that the president may turn any event into denunciation of something or somebody
On December 26, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko spoke at a session of the Belarus Security Council. Sessions of the Council are routine as a rule, however it is perfectly known that the president may turn any event into denunciation of something or somebody.

This time the US, Washington's foreign policy to be exact, was in the focus of Alexander Lukashenko. The president of Belarus stated that nowadays the whole of the world once again turned war and armed pressure into actual leverage of policies of some countries. He said: "Today, international institutions cannot guarantee territorial integrity of any state. Leaders of some countries obviously seek hegemony and monopolism." One can easily guess what country Alexander Lukashenko means. The Belarus president says that "the US openly states it enjoys the particular right of using force with respect to those countries which political lines are not controlled by America." International organizations, in their turn, are being pushed around by this policy.

The Belarus leader thinks the geopolitical phenomena are extremely dangerous and make Belarus pay particular attention to its defence. The session of the Security Council on December 26 was devoted to approval of a program meant to guarantee security of the country. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized he meant defence of the country in extraordinary situations if some were to occur.

However, the Belarus leader declared that the issue was of top priority for Belarus and documents on the problem had been developed for a long period already. "Belarus makes no attempts to conceal weapons, to intimidate someone; we should avoid making the situation tenser," Alexander Lukashenko said.

It is hardly likely that Washington will pay any attention to Lukashenko's statements. The Belarus leader is in fact not the only person blaming the US for striving for hegemony. It sometimes even seems that the US Administration itself makes no secret of this.

This is not for the first time that Belarus president criticizes the US policy. The Iraqi war, in Lukashenko's words, is "the most cynical aggression since WWII." Washington in its turn has several times blamed Belarus for weapons supplies to Iraq, Libya, Syria and North Korea. As a rule, the US brought the charges against Belarus unsupported with any evidence.

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