Author`s name Olga Savka

American Administration Acknowledges Lies

Iraqi officials rejected an offer to buy uranium because of UN sanctions

To all appearance, the Iraqi campaign will echo many times to the American president and his advisors, despite George W. Bush's optimism. It is not about the daily news about attacks on coalition forces in Iraq. The presidential election is coming and political opponents of the American president do not want to miss the chance to accuse Bush of lies, as it happened during the story with the Iraqi uranium, for example.

As it is known, the main reason for the USA to launch the war in Iraq was Saddam Hussein's possession of the weapons of mass destruction. In addition to it, George W. Bush said in January of the current year, the British intelligence had the information about the fact of selling a considerable amount of uranium from African countries to Iraq. However, before the war started, UN inspectors doubted, whether the Iraqis were trying to develop the nuclear weapon. After the war was over, there was a letter found in the building, where Saddam's secret police had been housed. The letter was allegedly written by an intelligence officer of one of African countries, it was dated May 20th, 2001. As it was written in the letter, a spokesman for an African country was ready to sell uranium and other radioactive materials to Iraq. However, Iraq rejected the offer because of UN sanctions. To all appearance, the sanctions were rather efficient, if Iraqi officials explained their refusal with them. However, an African person was rather persistent: in his next letter he set out his readiness to return to the issue later. It is not known, how Iraqi officials reacted to that, though: either a part of the correspondence was destroyed during the bombardment and massive looting, or American special services did not want to expose it.

Under the pressure of the society and the Congress regarding the circumstances that preceded the incursion in Iraq, the White House had to acknowledge certain manipulations that had been performed with facts. In other words, the US administration acknowledged its lies, trying to explain the need of the military  force to overthrow Saddam's regime.

For the time being, the American president has managed to get away with it. George W. Bush is rather popular among Americans, he may not react to his political opponents' attacks. However, what is going to happen in a year or so, when the pre-election campaign is in full swing? A high rating is an ephemeral thing, it needs to be constantly backed up. Will the presidential team manage to keep the rating on the present level, especially against the background of economic failures and losses in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It is not ruled out that certain officials of the present American administration will be dismissed because of their mistakes in the preparation of the Iraqi campaign. There can be a lot of candidacies found already. Of course, George W. Bush  treats Cheney's, Rumsfeld's, Wolfowitz's ideas with great sympathy, but there can be a lot of things done for the sake of the president's office.

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