Readying for war: Poland was waiting for Russian attack for five hours

Poland lives in panic for five hours readying for war with Russia

The Poles were waiting for more than five hours before the authorities disclosed the information about the explosion of a Russian missile. Poland was gripped by panic during those five hours, said.

After the rocket explosion in the village of Przewodov which is located near the border with Ukraine, the Polish government was escalating the situation all Tuesday evening. In particular, Poland took the following measures: 

  • military units were put on high alert,
  • a meeting of security officials was held;
  • an appeal to NATO was made to invoke articles 4 and 5 on mutual assistance in case of aggression;
  • calls were made to the USA and Ukraine.

The Poles received a "non-verbal, but a very tense message from the authorities - we are under attack, and panic started snowballing, which is very dangerous," the publication said. 

In addition, the Polish media continue saying that there were two rockets that crashed. It appears that they want to make everyone believe that one explosion could be an accident but two could not

“Many people were shocked last night, they were horrified. If the authorities had reported this immediately, if they had not held secret meetings when Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty was mentioned, panic would have been lower then perhaps," political scientist and historian Antoni Dudek said in an interview with

Warsaw wants war with Russia

According to Antoni Dudek, the Polish government wants to stir up an atmosphere of fear in Poland.

"Frightened people are less critical of the authorities. This has always been the case," he said.

Dudek does not rule out that anti-Ukrainian sentiments will intensify in Poland, because assistance to Ukraine leads to victims. 

Another question that many Poles now ask is about the very availability of Polish air defence systems.

Indeed, does Poland have air defence systems capable of intercepting missiles?

Poland has Patriot air defence systems, but they did not work. This indicates another provocation that Poland pursues. The Polish authorities have already proposed:

  • send a NATO contingent to Ukraine,
  • close the sky over Ukraine,
  • supply long-range weapons to Ukraine.

Warsaw works to escalate the crisis. There is a high probability that Poland may have developed this plan together with Ukraine. No wonder Volodymyr Zelensky was the first to react to the event, saying that Russia "struck NATO territory."

However, NATO, led by Washington, showed a calm reaction to the incident. This may suggest that they do not want WWIII to break out like this. 

Moscow should take an example from Israel

According to Western officials, a Russian missile exploding on the territory of Poland is "abnormal." However, is this normal when NATO shells explode on the territory of Russia?

Probably, Russia should have fired Kalibr missiles at the Polish railway station in Rzeszow a long time ago. This is an important supply point for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which automatically makes it a participant of hostilities against the Russian Federation.

This is how Israel acts against Damascus, destroying Hezbollah arms caravans in Syria.

On November 15, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

The Polish side said on Tuesday that a "Russian-made rocket" fell on the village of Przewodov, which led to the death of two farmers working on a tractor.

The Associated Press later said citing US officials that the rocket that crashed in Poland was fired by Ukrainian troops as they were trying to shoot down a Russian rocket.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov