Poland officially confirms it was Ukraine that fired the rocket

Poland officially holds Ukraine accountable for rocket blast

Polish President Andrzej Duda acknowledged the high probability of the fact that the rocket that exploded in Poland belonged to Ukrainian air defenses. Nothing indicates that the incident was a deliberate attack, Andrzej Duda said, Reuters reports.

US President Biden informed NATO and G7 that it was a Ukrainian air defense rocket that caused the explosion in Poland, Reuters also said.

Biden earlier said that the rocket that crashed in Poland was not fired from Russia.

G7 leaders held an emergency meeting in Bali in connection with the explosion in Poland. After the meeting, Biden told reporters that the rocket that crashed in Poland was unlikely to be Russian.

When asked if the rocket was fired from Russia, Biden, when speaking at a G20 meeting in Bali, said:

"There is preliminary information that contests that. I don't want to say that until we completely investigate. But it is unlikely in the minds [sic] of its trajectory that it was fired from Russia. But we will see, we will see.”

CNN reported that a NATO aircraft tracked the rocket that fell in Poland. According to the network, all the information was transmitted to Warsaw and NATO. The channel did not clarify who exactly launched the rocket.

The Associated Press later said citing US officials that the rocket that crashed in Poland was fired by Ukrainian troops as they were trying to shoot down a Russian rocket.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said that according to his information, Russia had nothing to do with the rocket blast in Poland, Reuters said.

It is worthy of note that Radio ZeT journalist Mariusz Gierszewski, who was one of the first to report the rocket blast on Polish territory, said that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that cause the incident to occur.

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