Vanga was right: World War Three will break out because of USA's agony

World War Three may break out because of USA's agony

Will there be an all-destructive war in the near future? Is mankind going to commit suicide? Why do the powers-that-be walk on thin ice even if they know that this ice is too thin? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova talked about it in an interview with military political scientist, the head of the department of political science and sociology of the Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Andrei Koshkin.

"For a very long time, the state of affairs in the world had been determined by the relations and rivalry between two countries - the Soviet Union and the United States. All other countries were following them in the fairway. There was also the Non-Aligned Movement, but the construction then collapsed and we all woke up in the unipolar world. Russia has been gaining authority lately, but it is the United States of America that remains the dominating power in the world. Can Trump change the world either for the better or for the worse?"

"I think that the world will eventually come to realize that the collapse of the Soviet Union was  a huge global tragedy. Indeed, the United States of America had obtained an opportunity to build a new unipolar world where it could dominate as the world gendarme. The world has not become better for anyone, and I believe that the Americans have to deal with a plethora of problems because of that.

Today, however, they simply do not want to give up on this role of theirs - the role of American exceptionalism. They can see other political centers of power rising on the horizon - China in the first place. Europe, too, would like to pursue a foreign policy that would influence the whole world, and all that is connected with Russia.

Today, it is Donald Trump who personifies the agony of USA's global domination. I call him the stress manager. He used to be a crisis manager, and he is proud of that, but I call him a stress manager. At first, he created a stressful atmosphere inside NATO when he started forcing NATO members to pay their fees. Then, he told the EU that the US would pull out from the Iranian deal. That was a very stressful situation for the EU as well, because European countries had invested a lot in Iran by that time. They wanted profits, but not threats.

Trump also created a big stress around North Korea. He then went to the Middle East and created a stressful situation there having formed the Middle Eastern version of NATO. Trump creates stressful situations everywhere he goes to gain economic profits from that afterwards."

"The world is balancing today on the verge of a global war. Do you think mankind will be wise enough not to commit suicide? Bulgarian prophetess Vanga used to predict that the Third World War would start in Syria. Do you think it can be possible?"

"The Middle East is the kitchen of world politics. This is where they cook everything and this is where they keep the knives. The Middle East is the place that gave birth to all major religions in the world. This is the center, where the interests of world's most powerful states converge. The United States of America has been destroying the statehood of Iraq and Libya, and now they are ready to do the same to Syria.

"They are doing it to create chaos and then manipulate it. However, one can manipulate chaos only at its initial stage. Of course, no one has been able to resolve the contradictions of the Middle East. One can see Israel standing up against Iran. This is how they create situations, in which they can start using modern weapons in the region."

"What do you think is going to happen now in Syria?"

"I would give an optimistic forecast. We live today in order to create conditions under which we can live tomorrow just as happily as we live today. To date, thanks to the balanced foreign policy of Russia both in the Middle East and in Europe, there are conditions for restraining aggressive politicians. It is only the policy of the Russian Federation that can chill both Western and Mideastern hotheads."

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Interview conducted by Inna Novikova

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