Donald Trump's inauguration to trigger civil war in USA?

Several US activist groups, including such organizations as DisruptJ20 and Black Lives Matter, intend to disrupt the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump. They are going to block the work of 12 checkpoints that will be installed around Capitol Hill and along the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue, not to let other people pass.

David Thurston, a representative of DisruptJ20, claimed that his organization was going to block Trump's inauguration. "We want to shut down the inauguration. We want to see a seething rebellion develop in this city and across the country," he said at a news conference.

As many as 27 different organizations will take part in the upcoming inauguration ceremony - this is four times as much as in the previous ceremony to inaugurate President Barack Obama.

Earlier, frightening reports appeared about either a possible assassination of Donald Trump during the ceremony or his impeachment after the inauguration.

Pravda.Ru asked chief researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada, Vladimir Vasiliev, to express his opinion about what may happen in Washington.

"Obama's farewell speech was actually a pre-election meeting, a typical meeting for Democrats, the message of which was to struggle against Donald Trump. Indeed, the Democrats are launching a massive campaign against the Trump administration. It does not go about the inauguration process only. This ceremony has always been a solemn process in the USA. Maybe, there were incidents in the past, when some individuals may have expressed their protest during the ceremony. One shall assume that the ceremony for Donald Trump will be marred by protests too. Of course, police will take security measures. Yet, the Democrats will try to take measures to instigate a mass movement of civil protest or even civil disobedience.

"The incoming administration plans to hold a variety of reforms to get rid of the legacy of outgoing President Obama not only in foreign, but also in domestic policy. The most important thing at this point is the plan to abolish the Obamacare reform. Trump said at a recent conference that Obama's healthcare reform would be replaced with something else.

"The Trump administration may appear as an All-American allergen, or a pole for protest movements in the USA to come together. There are many people in the USA, who do not want to see Trump as their president. One shall assume that protest movements in the USA will only be strengthening.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov