The Trump effect: Jack in the box and Obama's change

Donald Trump, having won the US presidential election, thanked his rival Hillary Clinton for her struggle, even though Clinton refused to speak to her supporters and sent the head of her election headquarters to speak for her instead. 

"America will no longer settle for anything less than the best. We must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring. We have to do that. We're going to dream of things for our country, and beautiful things and successful things once again. I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America's interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone," Trump said in his speech. "Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream. I've spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world," he also said. 

The Americans already joke that Trump's best post-election joke would be sending Hillary Clinton to Libya as an ambassador. 

Trump's victory has come as a shock for the Russian opposition. Ukraine remains in a state of shock as well as the Ukrainian administration was hoping for Clinton's support in the struggle against Russia. 

To be honest, no one was expecting Donald Trump to win. It is worth recalling that from the start of the presidential campaign, everyone saw Trump as a clown and an absolute outsider of the campaign, while Hillary Clinton was seen as the leader. 

This years' presidential election in the United States has been, perhaps, the "dirtiest" and most scandalous election from the point of view of all the compromising materials that the candidates had to face in their campaigns. At some point, the leaders of the Republican Party were opposed to their own candidate. 

So why Trump? If one looks at recent polls by Gallup Foundation and other institutions of political sociology, one can see a huge percentage of ordinary Americans who do not trust both the election procedure and the existing political elites in both the Republican and the Democratic Party.

According to the majority of US citizens, federal politicians do not represent the interests of the people - they represent the interests of certain corporations. Most importantly, many Americans understand that this is a system that they live in. 

Donald Trump with his slogan "Make America Great Again!" is a jack-of-the-box, who is not associated with all this party and, more broadly, backstage responsibility that has been blooming on Capitol Hill for many years. Hillary Clinton, is an old paralytic witch, whose laughter makes one shudder, but she carries the function of an appendage of American multinational corporations in politics.

Donald Trump and his simple and somewhere populist decisions has challenged to revise both domestic and foreign politics of the United States. He has questioned the USA's membership in NATO and the funding of multiple US bases all over the world. 

Trump wants to give up on all that and use the money for the USA, and this is what US tax-payers are looking forward to. Common Americans are fed up with ideas of world hegemony and international confrontation. The American people are tired of corruption and excessive spending on the maintenance of their exceptional status. Donald Trump has promised to change all this. 

Donald Trump is indeed unpredictable in both negative and positive terms because he has never worked in any forms of the US government. He has zero experience in international affairs, which makes him an absolutely unpredictable persona, journalist Vladimir Poznerб a US citizen, believes.  

Democrats should have listened to what the people were saying. There were many petitions on the website of the White House to withdraw the Magnitsky Act, lift sanctions against Russia and revise USA's relations with the Russian Federation. What did the Democrats do? They deleted those petitions and reset website vote counters. 

Will the new USA try to improve the relations with Russia? Here is what Trump said about Russia a while ago: 

"I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago, which was a big, big incredible event. "And you know what?" he continued. "They want to be friendly with the United States. Wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with somebody?"

The US-Russian relations appear to be just a tiny part of the visible displeasure of American voters with the US political system.

One can recall Al Gore, who received the majority of votes of citizens, but a minority of votes of electors. George W. Bush took office as president, but the American society did not have the degree of discontent and tension that one can see now. If the "Gore scenario" reoccur, America will face mass riots. Ordinary people are tired of the policy that had been formed in the USA after the Cold War.

The US expert community that called Trump an absolute outsider, admit their defeat. Sociologist and professor at Princeton University, Sam Wang, said that the entire (sociological) industry has failed in the presidential election in the United States. Other experts have found a cause for Trump's triumph. Michael McFaul, former US Ambassador to Russia, tweeted: "Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded. Well done".

There were no Russian observers in the US election. Suffice it to recall Putin's remarks about the banana country: "Does anyone really think that Russia could influence the American people's choice in any way? The number of mythical, dreamt-up problems include the hysteria - I can't think of another word - that has broken out in the United States about the influence of Russia on the current elections for the US president. What, is America a banana republic?!," Putin said. "Correct me if I am wrong. America is a great power," Putin said. 

The US expertocracy, as well as party policy-makers have long ceased to regard the American society as a standalone entity policy. Rather, they see the American society as a mass of people that one can easily manipulate with. 

Roughly speaking, the development of American democracy has led to the formation of a decorative role for the society. Yet, as we can now see, propaganda and manipulations do not have the last say, not even in the USA. 

British experts had also excluded the victory of the Brexit vote. They did not even believe that UK citizens would vote to leave the EU. They also hoped for mass manipulations and media propaganda. 

In general, Donald Trump has managed to grow into a universal, popular candidate. Who knows, maybe he will make America great without destroying the whole world for the purpose. Will he be change that Barack Obama failed to bring to life?

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov