Will Trump be able to destroy 'axis of evil?'

A member of the French Academy of Geopolitics, essayist and theorist of French right-wing parties, author of numerous sociological studies and books, Jean-Michel Vernoshe said in an interview with Pravda.Ru that Donald Trump's rise to power was a tectonic shift in international politics and geostrategy. The new US president is unlikely to continue the indirect support for the Islamic State that the United States invented at the time when Hillary Clinton served as the Secretary of State. In addition, the expert believes that Trump should help Europe regain its independent policies and turn its back on the politics of globalization.

"Trump is not the first sign of the liberation of the peoples of the world from global superstructure of power. The Philippines have recently abandoned the USA and turned to China. The Brexit vote is just as important, because it has proved that the people did not succumb to the propaganda of superstructure," the expert told Pravda.Ru. 

"What do you think about Trump's victory?" 

"In fact, according to strict logic, it was Hillary Clinton who was supposed to win the election. The people, who were hoping for Donald Trump to win, were pleasantly surprised. This victory has shown that Mrs. Clinton and the forces behind her had recognized their power, but failed to realize that they could be defeated. 

"It is also interesting how the French president reacted to the outcome of the US election. Francois Hollande did not expect such an outcome, and exercised incompetence and inconsistency. French diplomacy did not even admit a slight possibility for Donald Trump to win, and Hollande was humiliating the now president elect. 

"The UK has recently experienced Brexit, and now we have the surprising outcome of the US election in the USA - all these things go against the elites. I believe that the US election was an event of global importance, because it has showed something that no one expected. The American people have elected a remarkable man, who goes against the establishment. 

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"The new Philippine President has also demonstrated his opposition to the system. The Philippines were one of the first countries to have turned their back on the USA. We are witnessing the return of independent sovereign states to the international arena. 

"Of course, Mr. Trump will have to keep the promises that have been given before him, but we hope that he will keep his own election promises too. He will fight against the Islamic State, he will stop supporting this terrorist organization. He will also revise the US policy that was formed during the time when Hillary Clinton served as president. 

"As Secretary of State, she had concluded contracts for arms supplies to Saudi Arabia totalling $80 billion. Her email correspondence contained requests to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to put pressure on ISIL on a number of issues. There was a connection between the USA, Saudi Arabia and ISIL." 

"Do you think the US elite will try to stop Trump from regulating the Syrian crisis?" 

"Yes, there is such a danger. And yet, when system changes, it usually changes dramatically. We have seen how the US establishment was demonising Putin and destroying Trump. They have failed. The US propaganda machine used every method possible to bring Trump down. They said that he had come into a secret agreement with Putin, that he had raped a 13-year-old girl. They tried to get all the dirty linen out."

Interviewed by Alexander Artamonov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov