WikiLeaks: Trump leads in global US elections

WikiLeaks: Trump leads in global US elections

WikiLeaks published a survey on its Twitter, where anyone throughout the whole world could vote for the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton or its Republican adversary Donald Trump. According to data, only Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Mexico voted against Trump. 77% out of 112,861 prefer Donald Trump.

However, the CNN poll evidenced that Hillary Clinton won the first debate, which took place on 26 September. The survey was conducted just after the end of broadcast. 62% of the spectators claimed about resounding victory of Clinton, 26% supported Trump. It should be noted that the CNN audience was presented unevenly: citizens who supported Clinton from the very beginning made up 41%, while those who supported Trump made up 26%. Thus, the Republican was supported by all the present adherents.

In course of the debate, both candidates promised to put economy in order and exchanged mutual reprimands. Trump doubted Clinton's capability to save the world from terrorism, while Clinton accused him of contributing to alleged Russian hackers' attacks.


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