Donald Trump: An Arrow shot toward the sun, straight and true

A poignant scene in the film adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's novel, Last of the Mohicans, finds protagonist and Native American Chingachgook standing alone, atop one of the majestic Adirondack peaks. The Mohican chief laments. His countenance is disconcerted.

The loss of his people's ancestral home and their livelihood now seems imminent. With the beautiful land America conflicted between foreign powers, England and France, he has to make a choice. There is nowhere to run to safety. All avenues of escape have been cut. He has to take a stand; a courageous one against all odds given the magnitude of the forces aligned against him. Chingachgook, on hearing the voices of his elders in the wind, sets his face as a strong flint. He rejoins the fight.

America, full of putrid sores

Today's America is not that far removed from its frontiersman past. The hinterland is littered with fissures, even open putrid sores. Some say they have never seen such deep rifts in the 'melting pot's' cultural fabric ever before. Not only are the people divided along race, other forces, even sinister ones have been busy sowing the seeds for economic stagnation (94 million out of the work force). Moreover, the one percentile elitists have never been more active in bringing their evil machinations of 'divide and conquer' to fruition.

Using their special interest lobby like a forging hammer, it seems the mega rich have at last succeeded in casting the insuperable wedge. The resultant chasm finally divests citizens from the guarantees that were once enshrined in their Republik's Constitution. The nation's top tier wealthy even had help along the way; it came from unlikely quarters. Over the past century, the U.S. Congress, along with the Washington Beltway loyalists and the vassal MSM, are all equally culpable in keeping law abiding Americans at best in stasis; worst case is Middle America has been targeted for further decline. Only a delusional sycophant, as a pundit or partisan, excepting honest Democrats or true conservatives would argue contrarily.

Average Americans have a champion in Trump

The aforementioned backdrop was America at the outset of the U.S. Presidential race begun four years ago. Conditions have since changed though; especially over the past year. In Republican candidate, Donald Trump, the people, or ordinary, average Americans have found renewed faith. The brash, real property magnate has taken the country by storm. He has promised to level the playing field. Trump many times in his stump speeches has railed against the ostentatious excesses of the ruling class. His stinging rebukes have reverberated all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street.

In contrast, 'the establishment' feels threatened; they have closed ranks; en masse they align themselves against him; in private they even courted turnouts from both sides of the political aisle; the 'Never Trump' alliance was born. American patriots remain unfazed. They stand behind their champion. No new scandal, false flag event or crazed leftist fresh ad hominem attack would ever cause them to take their eyes off the grand prize: make America great again.

With Donald Trump as their president the people are on the cusp of realizing their dream. The Donald has their back. Soon, Americans hope to experience freedom in their own country like never before.

The road ahead is laden with pitfalls. The General Election is mere weeks away. Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton is desperate. Her presidential campaign is far from being energized. The MSM's biased polling data puts her in the lead; no self respecting citizen is buying their ruse. Record crowds upwards in the tens of thousands at Trump rallies around the country attest to the public's distrust for the media's covering for Clinton's duplicitous message. In many ways Clinton is an exact depiction of another Cooper character: Magua.

The native Huron is the Mohicans main antagonist. As the entrusted guide of the fleeing settlers, instead of leading them to safety, Magua betrays them; he takes them straight to the battle lines. Motivated by greed and filled with hate because of perceived past injustice Magua will stop at nothing to exact revenge. Hawkeye, a white settler in the Mohican party described him best. "Magua's heart is twisted. His tongue is forked; it speaks lies. Even at the council fires when peace was offered Magua clamored for more blood. War is all he knows." A stark choice awaits Americans come November 8th. Vote Hillary; then brace for 'Magua'. On the other hand, the people can choose Donald Trump. He will guide them on a new path. His is a better direction. In safety and security the entire country's spirits will soar. Like polished arrows the people's fortunes will glisten in the sun. America will be great once again.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey