Madeleine Albright outraged about Putin's smart moves

Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, a member of Hillary Clinton's staff, has showed her attitude to Russia yet again. This time, the politician, who is also known as the "Butcher of Serbia," said that Russia was "Bangladesh with missiles." 

The infamous old lady, in an interview with Die Presse, said that she was very much annoyed with the fact that experts, journalists and politicians all over the world say that they understand Russia's motives. 

Albright is also outraged with Putin's daring moves to squeeze NATO out of Russia's zone of influence. According to her, Putin splits the European Union with his counter sanctions and political statements.

At the same time, Albright described Putin as "a very smart man, very clear about what he wants." According to her, he is very good at playing bad cards. She also believes that Russia should not have been forgiven for reuniting with Crimea. Russia managed to get away with it, she said, adding that one should have never let this happen. Noteworthy, in the past, Albright wanted to bomb other countries for much smaller "sins" to the United States.

Madeleine Albright appeared in the world of big politics in 1993, when she became a US permanent representative to the UN. She was reputed to be not just a hawk, but a super hawk, for bombing Bosnian and Croatian Serbs. In addition, Albright had pressed for severe sanctions against Iraq that had killed half a million children. "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think that it was worth it," she stated arrogantly.

In 1997, Albright became the first woman to take the post of the US Secretary of State. She was a supporter of tough policies in international relations, including the use of military force that everyone could see in the bombings of the Balkans. 

Madeleine Albright despises Serbs for saving her family 

Albright would harshly, even in a humiliating manner, brush aside all of Russia's objections about the advance of NATO's military machine to Russia's borders. In March 1999, Albright was among those who decided to wipe Yugoslavia off the face of Earth. Albright had spent a part of her childhood living in Belgrade, but memories of her childhood did not stop her.  

Moreover, when she was a little girl, a Serbian family saved Madeleine Albright from Nazi troops. When she grew up, Madeleine thanked her saviors by enjoying the bombings of Belgrade.  

In October 2012, during the presentation of her book "The Prague Winter," Albright was approached by a group of activists from the Czech organization "Friends of Serbs in Kosovo." The activists asked her to sign photos of the Serbs who were killed in the war in Kosovo. "Disgusting Serbs, get out!" Albright shouted. The activists subsequently accused her of inciting ethnic hatred and contempt for the victims of war. 

After retirement, Albright, who was already known as the "butcher of Serbia" had repeatedly demanded "strangling Russia." For example, she criticized George W. Bush for taking no military measures against Russia. She claimed that Bush's approach to Russia was too soft. She wanted to see Moscow punished for suppressing an armed rebellion in Chechnya. In 2010, she said that Russia should not be the egg which teaches the hen (the US). In 2010, Russia was discussing issues of NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine.  

Albright's approach to Russia was all about criticism and pressure, but it did not exclude cooperation. It appears that the old lady with a million corpses behind her back decided to talk about her touchy issues again. 

Sitting US Secretary of State John Kerry refuted Albright's remarks about Russia. "If Russia can help us and it is right now. Russia has helped to bring about the Iran nuclear agreement, Russia helped to get the chemical weapons out of Syria. Russia is now helping with the cessation of hostilities [in Syria]. And if Russia can help us to actually affect this political transition - that is all to the strategic interests of the Unites States of America," Kerry said in an interview to CBS "Face to Nation."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov