Migrants flush impotent Germany down the toilet

The news about migrants attacking women in the center of Cologne, Germany, was made public only four days after the incident. The German state machine is losing breath. All this may lead to very serious consequences.

New Year party in Cologne

On New Year's Eve, near the railway station of Cologne, a group of Arab men - migrants from the last wave - organized a "sexmob," as the German press said (click here for the video). In fact, it was a disgusting act of harassing women, a drunken brawl with defecations and vomit right on the platform.

To date, the German police have received more than 500 complaints from women who said that they fell victims to attacks committed by migrants. More than a hundred of such cases are pending in Stuttgart, Berlin and other cities of Germany.

The events in Cologne have become the talk of the day in Germany. Politicians say that the action was planned in advance. Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled her trip to Davos and said that she would take measures to punish and deport the perpetrators. Is it not too late? Many German citizens have lost peace. The majority of them do not believe that the government can protect them. They accuse the government of "broad coalition" of thoughtlessly accepting about a million Muslim migrants from the Middle East and Africa in 2015. Merkel announced a slogan for this universal charity: "We can do it, because Germany is a strong country." As it turns out, Germany can not do it.

A report approved at the meeting of the Interior Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia stated that the police were acting in a slow and uncoordinated way on New Year's Even in Cologne. The head of the police of Cologne, Wolfgang Albers, was dismissed. The Germans also have questions to Mayor Henriette Reker, who offered women to stay at "arm's length" from migrants.

Noteworthy, the German Office for Immigration in Recklinghausen (Rhine-Westphalia) had given shelter to a terrorist, who was subsequently shot before Christmas in France. The man was registered in Germany under four different names and had criminal record for disorderly conduct.

To crown it all, the competence of the Chancellor Angela Merkel is in question as well. Her resignation is no longer a taboo subject for public discussion in Germany.

Germany too weak to handle the problem of refugees

According to German regional newspapers (not US-controlled central ones), Germany is too weak to show resistance to what has been happening in the country lately. "In Germany, there are provinces, where the police are powerless, because politicians are unwilling to recognize significant flaws in the immigration policy," regional website shz.de of Schleswig-Holstein province wrote. The Germans know that most perpetrators will never be either identified or found.

"If politicians do not take quick and visible actions, they will soon be replaced by other people's representatives, who are looking forward to the moment when they can refuse from all this strange tolerance," Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung website wrote.

"Undoubtedly, the terrorist attacks on New Year's Eve came as a visible expression of the dangerous decline of state power," Nordwest-Zeitung said. "If the police are powerless and do not serve as an instrument of the state, this will lead to lawlessness, criminal incidents and the appearance of uncontrolled ghettos. The people need a strong state that can protect them," Saarbrücker Zeitung said.

According to many Germans, the German authorities do not see a beam in their eye. German citizens do not understand why they all need to act like Mother Teresa. "Those who can not adapt themselves to our way of life have to go. A way of life is not a religion, but a political system with rights and obligations. These incidents will continue to occur until politicians understand that Islam is competing against the system of democracy," a German blogger wrote.

Indeed, the Islamic world is far from being the world of Western democracy. The Islamic world has a different type of democracy that stipulates for a strict subordination system of the young to the old. Muslims are monotheists who sharply feel the absence of strong power.

In Germany, the state is degrading, and party Alternative for Germany (AfD) may celebrate victory this year in all Landtags. The nearest parliamentary elections in three lands are to be held on March 13. The Germans do not understand both the impotence of their authorities and the privileges that these authorities give to refugees.

The German "National Front" will have its own peculiarities. A new Fuhrer may appear soon.

Lyuba Lulko


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov