Is it ok to use drones to kill civilians?

US human rights activists claimed that the police of North Dakota would disperse protests by using Tasers, tear gas and stun grenades from drones.

This is not another conspiracy theory, but an officially adopted North Dakota law. Moreover, such bills are likely to be approved in other states of the USA.

UAVs have been putting a lot of pressure on human beings. As a result, we can witness the growth of uncontrolled violence. A human being becomes a target based on a certain algorithm, and operators do not even know where they shoot, Aron Gupta believes.  According to Michael Crowley from Omega Research Foundation, the drones for pepper spray attacks receive impressive promotion on the market.

Some may find that this news does not deserve much attention, as Obama can use the army if the police and the National Guard are unable or unwilling to cope with the unrest in the states. Indeed, under a declassified directive, in case of failure or refusal of local authorities to suppress riots, the president of the United States has the right to order the use of tanks, helicopters, artillery and special forces to destroy rioters in the United States.

However, is it ok to attack people from the sky by spraying pepper on them from drones? Will drone operators think before they shoot?

Not that long ago, US Army officers publicly declassified details about how they were instructed to kill civilians with the help of drones. They said that the authorities tried to convince them not to take seriously the killings of minors. The officers also said that they had undergone psychological training so that they could enjoy attacks on civilians, like in computer games. To crown it all, the officers said that they had to  drink and take drugs on duty to ease their conscience, and their administration would turn a blind eye on such behavior.

According to Washington's Blog, the percentage of civilians killed as a result of drone attacks conducted by US Armed Forces was enormous - about 90 percent of the total number of deaths: nine civilians per one killed militant. As Obama once said, "I'm really good at killing people."

Noteworthy, The Intercept has recently published documents exposing operations during the "evolution of unmanned wars" between 2011 and 2013.  According to the documents, all of the lists of suspected terrorists, spying on people, assigning numbers to them and sentencing them to death without their knowledge all over the world is wrong and illegal, from start to finish."

The US authorities considered a possibility of operating as many as 40,000 UAVs above US cities. Of course, it was supposed to be done to help the police, road services, fire brigades and so on and so forth. Can you guess what is going to happen afterwards?

Sergei Larin.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov