Russian pilots tease Turkey. Who starts WWIII?

Commenting on the information about the incident on the border with Turkey, when airplanes of the Russian Air Force incidentally entered Turkish airspace, military experts remind of numerous incidents of massive violations of airspace by NATO member countries, and Turkey in particular. 

Not that long ago, above the southern border of Syria, two Turkish F-16 jets saw Russian aircraft that immediately left Turkish airspace. Turkey immediately declared a protest note, contacted the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry and set out a hope that such incidents "will not happen again." Otherwise, Turkey would respond accordingly, Turkish officials said. 

However, the Hurriyet publication wrote citing military officials that the Russian aircraft "appeared in Turkish airspace because of a navigation error." Representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry also brought an apology to Turkey, having referred to weather conditions. To crown it all, the media reported about disorders in the Uncontrolled GPS navigation system. 

"One could understand the outburst of Turkish emotions, if it wasn't for one curious detail. "The funny thing is that Turkish warplanes violated Greek airspace four times on Monday," Anton Khashchenko wrote on Facebook . "Since the beginning of the year, (January to August) the Greek General Staff have reported 1,306 violations of Greek airspace by 101 military aircraft," the blogger continued. 

Earlier, Finnish Defense Ministry said that military transport aircraft of the USAF had brazenly violated the airspace of Finland country, having flown into it for 15 minutes. 

In addition, a US spy plane has recently flown more than 200 kilometers in Swedish airspace. (the US airplane was flying away from a Russian fighter). The Swedes, like true vassals of the United States, tried to hide their shame, but the scandal leaked into the media. The flight of a US aircraft above Sweden means that the Scandinavian country is being kept under NATO's thumb, Swedish experts noted. 

Prior to Russia's operation against ISIS in Syria, NATO officials said that they were outraged with Russia's actions in Syria, because Russia did not let the alliance bomb Assad and certain areas of the Syrian territory. Russia's decision to launch the military operation against ISIS terrorists in Syria raised many eyebrows in NATO countries. 

During the times of the Soviet Union, the Americans would often act on the brink of war, sending nuclear bombers to Soviet borders and then turning back at the last moment to see the reactions and technology of the "communists." 

"In the event of a clash between Russian and US air forces, Russia's MiG and Sukhoi fighters will send them down to earth, of course. Many Western military experts admit that Russian fighter jets are superior to US analogues in the sky, although we would not like this to occur, of course," a senior office of the Russian Air Force told Politonline on conditions of anonymity. 

NATO continues accusing Russia of bombing civilians in Syria while destroying Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) in Afghanistan.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov