Can USA be tried for crimes against humanity in Afghanistan?

In 2004, Japan tried to condemn then US President George Bush for crimes in Afghanistan. However, they failed to push the international tribunal through the UN. Is it possible to bring the United States to trial for the use of depleted uranium bombs? Can one judge the USA for drug trafficking that increased 40 times after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan? Why can't Russia call for such tribunals? Pravda.Ru discussed this problem in an interview with retired colonel Vladimir Kovtun, a veteran of the Chief Intelligence Directorate and member of the Afghan campaign.

"Russia was the first to present its own evidence about the Boeing jetliner that was downed in Ukraine. No other country has presented any other evidence ever since.  Both the Brits and the Americans, who want this tribunal to take place, have never presented any single document. Why do we represent an international threat to the United States? This is because Russia has grown to the level of its own opinion that differs from that of the States. The Americans have led themselves to believe that they are the great, exceptional nation, but suddenly it turns out that the world is multipolar, so they take it as a threat to their dictatorship.

No other country has presented any evidence about Ukraine Boeing crash

"After Russia presented its evidence about the Boeing tragedy in Ukraine, no one has said anything against that. What country is a threat to the world? In Germany, there are 287 US army bases and up to 300 - in the rest of Europe. Now let's see how many army bases Russia has in foreign countries. There is a base in Tajikistan, where a Russian division keeps an eye on drug trafficking that has increased considerably after the American invasion of Afghanistan.

"Who else is talking about the Russian threat? Excuse my French, but they are  mongrel dogs that dance to the American tune. Now this pack is in Brussels, where even the Malaysian prime minister urged others not to hurry with the tribunal. This is a crusade against Russia, an attempt to destabilize the country and isolate Russia from the rest of the world. Yet, this is a multipolar world that we live in, and people know who is the world's number one terrorist and enemy of the whole world. American stars and stripes are sticking out from darkest and most hideous crimes."

"Information warfare is in full swing. Can Russia do something to protect herself at this point?"

"One has to tell the truth. As the saying goes, truth never dies. Sooner or later, all secrets will be unveiled. Lately, I have talked to many Dutch people, and none of them believes that it was Russia that downed the Malaysian Boeing. They resort to the story about the German plane that crashed in the Alps because of the schizophrenic pilot: everything was clear a couple of days after the tragedy. As for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine, it has been a year already, but we do not know anything. They simply do not want to unveil the truth."

USA has committed multitude of crimes in Afghanistan

"The US has committed a multitude of crimes in Afghanistan. Can their activities be regarded there as a crime against humanity, a threat to peace and security in the world?"

"The Afghans themselves say that it was all different when the Soviet troops were deployed in Afghanistan. The USSR sent its troops there at the request of the Afghan government. The USA simply invaded the country. Common Afghans spit in the faces of American soldiers and shoot them in the backs.

"It was generally believed that Americans were good warriors. Yet, they have shown as a result of their own ground operations that they do not know how to wage war."

"Is it possible to repeat the experience of the Japanese, who tried to arrange an international tribunal for Afghanistan to accuse the USA and then-president Bush of crimes against humanity?"

"One should never forget Yugoslavia either. It was in Yugoslavia, where the Americans started using munitions with depleted uranium cores. Afghanistan was a continuation of such illegal actions. If several countries organize themselves to stand together, they can initiate an international tribunal to bring the USA to justice.

"Putin has stirred up the whole world, and we can see more and more countries showing resistance to the US supremacy. I believe that this trend will be snowballing in the future, until all countries of the world stand as a united front against the American dictatorship. For the time being, the Americans keep many government under control and hide their crimes under piles of money. This will not last long."

Interviewed by Lyuba Lulko

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov