Russia's presidential election in 2018 to end with nuclear winter

Professional analyst of the world famous Ron Paul Institute, Stephan Jareed, who also worked at Stratfor, aka "The Shadow CIA", said that the United States came to realize that the winter of 2018 could be a nuclear winter.

This is the reason why, the expert believes, the United States decided to take an unprecedented step. Despite Obama's bellicose rhetoric about the "isolation of Russia" sanctions and never-ending calls to "return the Crimea" to Ukraine, the White House started urgent talks with the Kremlin.

Moreover, US officials started negotiating on the territory of Russia and on Russian terms. Even though the "debate was heated," both US and Russian officials speak of "positive results" of the talks.

Interestingly enough, US Secretary of State John Kerry did not even touch upon the question of Crimea during his meeting with Russian President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov.

USA harbors plans to decapitate Russia within minutes

The Financial Times noted that the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Russia was a victory of Russian diplomacy. Furthermore, Victoria Nuland also arrived in the "tattered" and "isolated" Russia, which also testified to the attempt of the United States to ease the confrontation with Russia, many journalists wrote.

The rhetoric will remain the same, because the USA identified the enemy and would not be backpedaling on that. However, in the pragmatic reality of world leaders it is clear that the United States will no longer raise the rates, Stephan Jareed said.

If if does, the expert believes, it may lead to political chaos, albeit not in Russia, as the American establishment assumed. Stakes can be raised to the level when the US president will have to go further, and the world will be destroyed as a result.

Russia must keep USA at gunpoint

The analyst tried to explain what may happen in the event the USA and Russia fail to find common language in the talks. For example, the United States has been running the propaganda campaign against Russia because President Obama made the support for Ukraine, (in which the USA shows little interest) and the struggle against the Russian Federation a part of the political agenda of the United States.

"He can not go back and say - "Guys, we are friends now, all is OK. Therefore, he must continue taking actions to escalate confrontation. It is unlikely that Russia will spread its legs, so critical measures will continue to follow," the analyst said.

What kind of critical measures are they? It goes about disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, arranging sharp conflicts with Russian patrols in the air or at sea, sending arms or even deploying a peacekeeping contingent in Ukraine under the pretext of protecting nuclear power plants in the country, etc. According to the expert, USA's next president will continue Obama's anti-Russian frenzy.

War more important than peace for Russia and USA?

According to the expert, the USA is not going to sit on its hands during the parliamentary and presidential elections in Russia in 2016 and 2018. The Americans will do their best to destabilize a competitor or have a pro-Western candidate in the Kremlin.

Taking into consideration Putin's persona, the position of Russian citizens and Russia's military doctrine, the USA may cross the red line and trigger a direct conflict with Russia. The conflict, the US expert believes, may lead to a nuclear winter.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov